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We Can't Believe This Posh Steakhouse Burger Costs $18

Its patty is made from USDA Prime Black Angus beef.

We Can't Believe This Posh Steakhouse Burger Costs $18

Wolfie Burger, $18; $20 with cheese (8 DAYS Pick!)

The only difference between this and the Wolfgang burger is that the patty here contains chopped onions. For some reason, we prefer this — the onion adds a mellow sweetness and juiciness to the meat. All burgers come with chunky fries, made in house with Idaho potatoes, and onion rings. Generous, and both are pleasant to nibble on but are mere sidekicks to the burger.

Burgers from casual or too-cool-for-school joints are all good. But sometimes, we want to enjoy our cheeseburger in style, maybe with a nice glass of cab sauv. Enter the swanky steakhouse. ’Cos if there’s one thing that’s at least above average at a steakhouse besides steak, it’s the burger. But the thing about eating a burger at a fancy steakhouse is it doesn’t come cheap. We used to like the one at Morton’s (served at the bar within the dining room). But that cost around $36. Moreover, it doesn’t taste as good as it used to anymore. Luckily, we’ve recently discovered a good burger in another steak specialist eatery priced below twenty bucks. Wolfgang's Steakhouse is offering a USDA Prime Black Angus Burger for a super reasonable $18 ($21 with cheese) till end December. It’s part of a burger promotion with six varieties of burgers on the menu. What's the non-promotional price, you ask? From $20 — still excellent value for the quality, we think

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