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We Baked A Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie With Cookie Monster In Singapore

Was the furry cookie connoisseur, who was recently in town, satisfied with just one piece, though?

We Baked A Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie With Cookie Monster In Singapore

Well, a single oversized chocolate chip cookie. Using a recipe that requires minimal ingredients, just a bowl, a spoon and stirring even a child can master. All put together and ready to “om nom nom nom!” under 30 minutes. The always-hungry Cookie Monster — our favourite Sesame Street character — was in Singapore on June 25 and 26 to promote his new book, ‘The Joy Of Cookies: Cookie Monster's Guide To Life’. He was also here for Sesame Street’s #ShareTheLaughter campaign, a global social media-driven initiative to promote kindness everywhere.

Emmy-nominated puppeteer David Rudman has been playing Cookie Monster since 2001. He was recently in Singapore with the furry cutie, who baked cookies with us. David/CM enjoyed our giant cookie. "Chewy in the middle, crunchy at the edges, indeed!" he'd told us.

It was the greedy monster’s first ever visit to our city. Of course, he came along with his Emmy-nominated puppeteer, the lanky David Rudman (he’s been playing Cookie Monster since 2001, the second person to do so full-time after the famed Frank Oz), 55. David’s rather staid when not in character, but hilariously on point when portraying the growly-voiced monster with the cute, grammatically-challenged manner of speaking.

Cookie Monster found time in between his jam-packed schedule, which included sightseeing at Gardens By The Bay, to make his favourite snack with us: cookies. Or in this case, a cookie.

And what an experience it was. At the cooking studio within Hard Rock Hotel's Sessions restaurant, he spilled chocolate chips and ate them off the counter, sang chirpily while mixing the dough, pestered us incessantly to hurry up and put it into the oven, naughtily grabbed our tray while we were still busy shaping the dough on it so it could be baked pronto, crying out in exasperation: “It not have to be perfect!” In other words, baking with Cookie Monster was everything we expected and more. Check out our baking sesh with him in the video above.

Meanwhile, take this Cookie Monster-inspired single giant chocolate chip cookie recipe for a spin. You know, on solo stay-in movie nights when your pantry is pretty bare, save for an egg and a fistful of choc chips.

It's made with a knob of melted butter plus a combination of white and brown sugar so that the dough in the middle remains irresistibly gooey, while the edges are deliciously caramelised and crisp.

And for a cookie recipe that comes together in about 26 minutes from mixing bowl to ready-to-eat, we must say it’s pretty damn tasty. Feed it to anyone and they’ll probably think you slaved over it, or bought it from a good bakery.

This five-inch (about six inches if you press the dough flatter) cookie feeds one peckish person or two. It’s perfect for when you want a homemade cookie ASAP.

Because good things come to those who wait — for 26 minutes.

Though when we said this to a quivering, impatient Cookie Monster during our baking sesh with him (see video above), he begged to differ: “No! Me got to have cookie. Now!”

The Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie For One (Hungry Monster) recipe can be found here.

‘The Joy Of Cookies: Cookie Monster's Guide To Life’ is available at www.amazon.com. Click here for our adaptation of Cookie Monster's vegan choc chip recipe from the book.

Special thanks to Sessions cooking studio at Hard Rock Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa.



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