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These Sleek & Delectable SunnyHills Chinese New Year Goodies Will Impress Even The Most Discerning Tastebuds

Besides their popular pineapple cakes, there are also luxe apple-shaped tarts and D24 durian rolls.

Chinese New Year gifting can be daunting, especially if you’re looking to impress someone like your boss or mother-in-law. Well, Taiwanese pastry shop SunnyHills’ scrumptious range of CNY goodies featuring both traditional favourites and innovative bakes may just be the solution to your gifting woes.

Started in 2008 in Nantou, SunnyHills is known for its addictive pineapple cakes made with organic, non-GMO Taiwanese pineapples. Beloved by locals and tourists alike, these atas block-like pastries are often the edible souvenir of choice with travellers. Luckily for us, the brand is available in Singapore with both online and retail stores at Raffles Hotel and Ngee Ann City. 

Not that you need any more convincing, but here’s why their festive gifts will bring a smile to their intended recipients.

Only natural ingredients are used

Well-loved for their buttery pastry and rich house-made fillings, goodies such as their famed pineapple cakes and apple cakes need little introduction. However, did you know that these tasty “gold bars” do not contain any artificial additives or preservatives? 

In fact, extra care is taken to retain the natural flavours and texture of the fruits used for making the fillings. For example, organic pineapples are cooked in-house and aged in frozen cold rooms, while Japanese Kougyoku apples go through a proprietary curing process developed with the help of world-renowned master baker and judge, Kanjiro Mochizuki.

It’s kinder on the environment

Not only are the ingredients natural and better for your health, they are sourced sustainably and kinder on the environment too. Aside from its own pineapple farm, where the fruits are grown organically sans pesticide, SunnyHills works with 800 other small family farms in the region. 

As for the Kougyoku apples used, they are directly sourced from Japan’s Aomori Prefecture. This particular variety is known for its crunchy sweetness and tanginess, lending a delicate balance of flavours that’s pleasing to the palate.

Double Prosperity CNY Gift Box, $37.80 for five pineapple cakes and five apple cakes

Aesthetic and eco-friendly packaging

Pretty packaging is always a plus. Especially when each pastry is wrapped in Japanese washi paper and packaged in chic limited-edition gift boxes with minimal use of plastic. 

And instead of disposable bags, each CNY gift box comes with a festive linen tote bag featuring the cutest bunny-themed motifs that you’ll actually want to keep and reuse. Talk about being environmentally-friendly.

It’s all about the huat

What better way to usher in the new year than with delicious goodies symbolising the blessings of peace and prosperity?

Think of the Pineapple Fortune cakes as an elevated version of their well-loved pineapple cakes. Encased within the soft pastry skin is a delicate balance of sweet and savoury flavours, thanks to the savoury salted egg custard and divine pineapple jam that’s rich, tart and not too sweet. 

As for the Apple Ping An cakes, these luxe bakes take on the shape of the namesake fruit. The saccharine and slightly tart apple jam filling is enveloped by a velvety layer of roasted Taiwanese sweet potato for extra oomph and hint of nutty flavour.

A twist on local flavours

An indulgent take on traditional love letters, durian lovers will appreciate the fragrant D24 Durian Rolls from their designed-in-Singapore Forbidden range. Made from French-style Langue De Chat cookies and premium D24 durians from Pahang, Malaysia, the fusion snack will surely have guests reaching out for it again and again during visitations.

Fun fact: They are five times thicker than your typical egg rolls with a satisfying crunch, and will hold their shape well as you bite into them.

D24 Durian Rolls, $29.30 for a set of 20 rolls

Innovative creations 

As you can probably tell by now, SunnyHills is an innovative brand that comes up with creative iterations of well-loved classics. For something unique, try the Banana Waffle Cookie. It’s reminiscent of the famed Dutch Stroopwafel - with a SunnyHills twist. 

The first thing you’ll notice about these cookies is their exceptional fragrance, thanks to the Royal Bananas used - a variety that was once favoured by the Japanese Emperor. The natural sweetness from the fruits is further enhanced with pure cocoa butter sandwiched in between the crisp waffles.

The surprises don’t end there. Look a little closer and you’ll notice the playful banana shapes within each cookie that can be gently removed to hang on the rim of your mug. Too cute.
Banana Waffle Cookie, $25.20 for a set of eight cookies
Fortune CNY Assorted Gift Box, $43.20
Not sure which flavours will suit the palette of your discerning mother-in-law? The Fortune CNY Assorted Gift Box ($43.20) is your best bet with six SunnyHills treats - Pineapple Cakes, Pineapple Fortune Cakes, Apple Ping An Cakes, Banana Waffle Cookie, and loose-leaf Ruby Red Black Tea beautifully encased within an attractive gift box.
Pineapple Cake + Oolong Tea CNY Gift Box, $52 for 10 pineapple cakes and 10 tea sachets

And for those who enjoy a warm beverage with their snacks, they will appreciate the Pineapple Cake gift set with Oolong tea to wash it all down. Packaged conveniently in drip bags, the comforting tea is sourced from SunnyHills’ very own tea plantation located in the scenic Bagua Mountain area in Taiwan.

All CNY gift sets are available for preorder via their website and retail stores till Dec 31. 

Additionally, you will receive a free gift (while stocks last) and stand a chance to win a trip to Taiwan for two (worth $2,150) with every $120 spent till 31 Jan, 2023. More details on



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