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Huat Ah! 8 Must-Eat CNY Dishes At Peach Garden

With all their five outlets open throughout Chinese New Year’s Eve to Day 15, Peach Garden makes a great choice to host your family and friends this CNY.

Huat Ah! 8 Must-Eat CNY Dishes At Peach Garden

For foodies, the best part of Chinese New Year is the incessant feasting and merrymaking with family and friends. Call us purists; we must have our Chinese food during CNY. But with many Chinese restaurants closed during the Day 1 and Day 2 public holidays, it can be challenging to book a sit-down feast.

Opened throughout Chinese New Year, Peach Garden invites you to usher in the Year of the Rabbit at all of their five outlets. They’ve got your reunion dinner on CNY eve covered, all the way to Day 15 of the traditional festivities. Their famous dim sum is also available during lunch if you are craving for har gow, siew mai and char siew bao.

Planning to host the whole clan or a company get-together? Book their private rooms for intimate gatherings, or their large spaces for bigger-scale events. If you prefer to dine in the comfort of your home, you can also order their takeaways from their EShop. Make your restaurant or takeaway bookings early and get your CNY gatherings sorted.

Here are eight new creations and signature favourites from Peach Garden to help you get your huat on.

New Creations

1) Flambé Collagen Yuzu Ingot Lion Dance Yu Sheng with Baby Abalone, Salmon and Golden Cup

Yu Sheng is one of Peach Garden’s bestsellers, and the 2023 edition just got even more lit. Surprise your clients, family and friends with their new Flambé Collagen Yuzu Ingot Lion Dance Yu Sheng with Baby Abalone, Salmon and Golden Cup (aka the very prosperous-sounding 招财元宝醒狮火焰美容养颜捞生). This gorgeous yusheng is moulded into the shape of a lion and served with the all-new Collagen Yuzu Sauce Ingots, which boasts beauty benefits. A small fire will be lit underneath the dish upon serving, which slowly melts the ingots, allowing the collagen yuzu sauce to infuse directly into the Yu Sheng. An excellent treat for the eyes, the tummy and our skin. Nice.

Vegetarians, Peach Garden also offers a veggie option so you, too, can lo hei in style.

2) Premium Seafood Pen Cai with Laksa Broth

The Pen Cai is a must-have dish during CNY and Peach Garden’s 2023 version comes with a feisty kick. Their Premium Seafood Pen Cai comes with luxurious seafood such as Lobster, Red Grouper, Sea Cucumber, Live Prawns, Fish Maw and Japanese Scallops (all very huat ingredients to signify abundance and prosperity), bubbling in a hearty Laksa broth. We can see ourselves slurping this one up.

3) Roasted Golden Suckling Pig in Two Styles

The Roasted Golden Suckling Pig, a perennial favourite on special occasions, instantly dresses up any dining table. While we can never resist that crispy skin, it can get boring eating it the same ol’ way. Peach Garden’s new offering serves this auspicious dish in two styles. Firstly, enjoy it as the refreshing Fruit Rojak with Crispy Skin to whet your appetite. Then tuck into their fragrant Fried Glutinous Rice with Diced Meat to enjoy all that smoky flavour.

4) Sweet Harmony Platter

Forget your diet. Chinese New Year is a time to indulge as it is believed that eating well will help you “grow fat” (aka get rich!) in the new year. Even better if the food looks as good as it tastes! This pretty Sweet Harmony Platter comes with the cutest Carrot-shaped Curry Potato Puff, Rabbit-shaped Lotus Paste Pastry, Lychee-shaped Nian Gao, and Chilled Superior Bird's Nest with Ginseng, to bless you and your family with a harmonious year ahead.

Signature Favourites

5) Golden Premium Traditional Pen Cai

Symbolizing wealth and abundance, this is a must-have dish for Chinese New Year! Taking the centerstage of every dining table, The Golden Premium Traditional Pen Cai is filled to the brim with goodies that include Golden Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw and Pig Trotters. No one does it like Peach Garden with such generous portions of seafood and vegetables, gently braised in their Chef's special broth concoction for hours to achieve that umami flavour. It's truly the best!  

6) Roasted Crispy Peking Duck

Peach Garden’s renowned Signature Roasted Crispy Peking Duck, beautifully roasted to maintain that pleasing crackling yet keep the meat succulent, is a sure crowd-pleaser. This popular appetiser is served with the freshly sliced crispy Duck skin wrapped in their traditional Egg Crepes and the usual accompaniments. 

7) Traditional Steamed Claypot Rice with Chinese Sausage

Make your carbs count with this claypot of flavourful soft, fluffy rice topped with savoury ingredients such as Chinese Sausage and cured Pork Belly. It is served drizzled with Peach Garden’s homemade sauce, along with blanched Vegetables to add crunch and fibre.

8) Braised Pig's Trotter Rice Vermicelli

Braised for hours in an aromatic marinade, the tender Pig Trotters sit atop moist and silky Bee Hoon, which does a great job soaking up all those yummy juices. Yes, this CNY favourite has ‘sin’ spelt all over it but hey, Pig Trotters are an excellent source of Collagen. So, just tell yourself this is good for you, and enjoy. After all, CNY is the season to indulge!


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Check out Peach Garden’s website for their Ala Carte, Set Menus and Reservations. Call to secure your tables now:

OCBC Centre: 6535 7833

Thomson Plaza: 6451 3233

Hotel Miramar: 6736 3833

Chinatown Point: 6702 0603

The Metropolis: 6334 7833

Events & Catering: 6252 9833

More info via Facebook and Instagram (@PeachGardensg)


Photos: Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant

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