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Old Chang Kee Launches New Nasi Lemak Curry Puff

Will it be as sedap as the nasi lemak burger?

Old Chang Kee Launches New Nasi Lemak Curry Puff

Perhaps inspired by McDonald’s insanely popular nasi lemak burger, curry puff chain Old Chang Kee announced today that it has also introduced its own version of a hybrid nasi lemak snack: the Nasi Lemak Chicken ‘O ($2 each; $3.50 for two).

The interestingly green

puff, which went on sale at all OCK outlets today as a promotional item, is stuffed with nasi lemak-style sambal-slicked chicken chunks with onions, a wedge of hard-boiled egg, and fried ikan billis with peanuts. Sadly, according to Old Chang Kee's PR rep, the green pastry crust contains no lemak coconutty element (though strangely, the snack's promo poster is decorated with an image of a coconut). The rep adds that its Hulk-green hue is simply due to good old food colouring and pandan essence. Look out for our review of this funky puff soon.

The Nasi Lemak Chicken ‘O is now available at all Old Chang Kee outlets islandwide, while stocks last.

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