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Is The New PrimaDeli Kit Kat Croissant Yummy?

We had a break and had a Kit Kat croissant. Here’s our verdict.

Is The New PrimaDeli Kit Kat Croissant Yummy?

We love a good chocolate croissant. But a chocolate croissant where the filling comprises a whole choc-covered wafer aka Kit Kat? We’re excited, but a tad sceptical. PrimaDeli has partnered with Nestlé’s Kit Kat to launch the new PrimaDeli Chocolate Croissant ($2.40 each; $5.50 for three) today.

Each doughy palm-sized offering hugs a slightly melted mini Kit Kat. If you tapow these home, you’re instructed to warm them up in a “toaster oven at high heat for two to three minutes, or a convection oven for four to five minutes at 180 degree Celsius”. Until the pastry (ideally) crisps up and the chocolate within becomes slightly oozy.
Sadly, our office only has a microwave oven, so we had to eat ours at room temperature. The pastry was more soft and bready than flaky and crispy, but nicely buttery. The light dough contrasted fairly well with the slight crunch of the Kit Kat lurking within. And thankfully, it wasn’t too sweet. So, the consensus at the 8 DAYS office is: yes, the new Kit Kat croissant is rather yummy… though we’re not sure if PM Lee would approve.

Available at all PrimaDéli outlets. For more info, visit

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