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Naturally Pink Kit Kat Ruby Chocolate Now Available In Singapore

It’s made from the first new type of natural chocolate in over 80 years.

Naturally Pink Kit Kat Ruby Chocolate Now Available In Singapore
Kit Kat is known for its never-ending range of playful, creative flavours. Last year, it launched its rather atas-sounding Kit Kat Ruby in Japan. Now, it’s finally available in Singapore, exclusively on RedMart. What exactly is ruby chocolate? It’s made from a special variety of ruby cocoa bean found in Ecuador, Brazil and Ivory Coast. It owes its naturally pink hue to the powder extracted during the choc-making process. It apparently took a decade for Swiss chocolate developer Barry Callebaut to come up with this ruby chocolate. Unbeknownst to most people because it's more commonly known as a premium brand, Barry Callebaut also creates chocolate for mass market producers, including Hershey Co, Cadbury and of course, Nestle, which owns Kit Kat. So the ruby cocoa in this new Kit Kar bar is provided by the Barry Callebaut folks, according to a PR rep for Callebaut (the spokesperson for Kit Kat was unavailable to answer our queries). Anyhow, ruby choc is considered the world’s “fourth” type of chocolate, after dark, milk and white. It contains no artificial additives and boasts a naturally fruity flavour.

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