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McDonald's Newly Returned Sausage McGriddles Taste Test: Nice Or Not?

It’s been nearly three years since it was last available — we tell you if it’s still as yummy as before.

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McDonald's Newly Returned Sausage McGriddles Taste Test: Nice Or Not?
Nice or not? Read on.

Don’t say we Singaporeans are an apathetic lot — if you want a reaction, just tell us McDonald’s pulled something off their menu. Remember the uproar over the fast food chain’s sudden stoppage of curry sauce (what will we eat with our fries?), that surprisingly delicious nasi lemak burger, and Sausage McGriddles?

Okay, we can’t say their Sausage McGriddles elicits the same kind of passionate protest as Currysauce-gate, but the cult hit — maple-flavoured griddle cakes (essentially their breakfast muffins doused in maple syrup, then griddled on a hot pan) hugging a McMuffin-esque chicken sausage patty and an optional fried egg — has its fans who were devastated when McDonald’s quietly stopped selling the item almost three years ago.

“Oh no. Why? Why? Why?” screamed a netizen on McDonald’s Facebook page. “Bring back McGriddles, it has been three years, stop tormenting us!” sputtered another fan.

Okay guys, good news: it’s back. Just as suddenly as it had left, the previously breakfast-only Sausage McGriddles waltzed back now as an all-day item (from $4.20 each without egg; from $5.40 with egg).

It soft-launched yesterday (June 5) along with a slew of new additions for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018 festivities, like the Chicken Pizza Kicks (basically fried meatballs which ooze tomato-based pizza sauce in your mouth, from $3.90 for six), Banana Soft-Serve Cone (from $1 each), Banana Shake (from $3.80 each), Party McFlurry with hot fudge and Oreo crumbs on double the usual serving of vanilla soft-serve (from $5) and a Happy Sharing Box with eight McWings and 12 pieces of Chicken Pizza Kicks (from $13.65) .

We tried the palm-sized Sausage McGriddles with egg before its launch. Sadly, the griddle cakes tasted only faintly of maple syrup, unlike its previous incarnation, which was yummy precisely ’cos it was drizzled so generously with syrup. That being said, this could well be a consistency issue; our colleague who tried it on another occasion said “it was too sweet”.

But don’t say we never warn you: these noms are only here for a limited period, so guzzle while you can.

Available at selected McDonald’s outlets and via McDelivery and UberEats. For more info, go to

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