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McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Burger Is Finally Coming Back

The wildly popular burger — which abruptly disappeared from the fast food chain’s menu last month — is making its return at the end of August.

McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Burger Is Finally Coming Back

Burger fans were left high and dry after McDonald’s suddenly stopped the sale of its much sought-after Nasi Lemak Burger a mere two weeks after it made its debut before National Day.

The burgers ran out as the fast food chain could not replenish its supply quickly enough to keep up with the "overwhelming demand".

Why the ensuing uproar? Well, the 'mod Sin' creation was a decent-tasting and rather clever patriotic riff on a traditional plate of nasi lemak.

It featured a chicken thigh patty marinated with coconut milk, spices and coated with crushed cornflakes, as well as a sunny side up egg, onions and a slick of sambal nestling between semolina buns.

Apparently, those who were most upset by the item's premature departure were people who didn’t even get to try it yet. “I was waiting for the long queues to die down before visiting [McDonald’s], but they took it off the menu before I could do so!” lamented our pal.

In its absence, many nasi lemak burger copycats have rode on its coattails with their own versions of the creation — including French patisserie Antoinette, mod Asian restaurant The Quarters and Southern American eatery The Beast.

The Beast's Nasi Lemak Burger with Spam Fries.

But get ready to sink your teeth into the original again. Nearly a month after it vanished, the locally-themed burger will finally be back on the menu.

A reliable source (who requested not to be named) has confidently told us that the Nasi Lemak Burger, and its buddies Chendol McFlurry and Bandung McFizz, will make a reappearance at the end of August at all McDonald’s outlets.

Whether it still proves popular with the fickle crowd after such a long absence remains to be seen. The burger costs from $5.95 a la carte, cheaper than its rivals' more atas renditions.

We spoke to a rep for McDonald’s, who declined to confirm — or deny — the Nasi Lemak Burger's comeback. But all we can say with certainty is: wait for it.

More updates coming soon.

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