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It Takes Six People To Make Tiger Sugar's Brown Sugar Bubble Milk

But is it nice?

For a bubble tea brand that first opened only last November in Taichung, Taiwan, Tiger Sugar has been expanding aggressively. It currently has six stores in Taiwan, three in Hongkong and now, it is opening its very first Singapore franchised outlet tomorrow (Nov 3) at 11am at Capitol Piazza.

The franchisee here is local F&B company Clover Lifestyle, the folks behind Vietnamese restaurants Madam Saigon and An An Vietnamese Street Kitchen. Managing director Trevor Fong, 48, tells us that he decided to branch out into offering Tiger Sugar’s bubble tea as he liked the brand’s precise way of making their drinks.

Tiger Sugar’s overseas outlets typically boast snaking queues of up to a whopping three hours, mostly for their star drink: the Brown Sugar Boba Milk, an Instagrammable concoction which has fresh full cream milk poured into a plastic cup coated with brown sugar syrup. When blended, the brown sugar syrup create stripes that contrast against the pale milk like a tiger’s stripey coat (hence, the shop’s name).

“It takes six people to make a drink,” shares Trevor. “We work more like a Japanese factory with precision. Each person [in the assembly line] has only one task, like pouring milk. So it’s not like having one person making the whole drink and thinking no one will notice if they [cut corners].” According to Trevor, each cup of brown sugar milk takes about one minute to make, and the staff will inspect each cup to ensure it has the “right tiger stripes” before it’s served to the customer.

As each cup contains a precise amount of ingredients, you cannot customise the size, sugar level or toppings as you would for a typical cup of bubble tea. If you want your ’gram, work fast. The caramelly tiger stripes dissolve within a minute.



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