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Malaysian-Style Siew Bao Using "40-Year-Old” Seremban Shop Recipe Sold At Westgate Mall Kiosk

The crispy baked pork buns, similar to char siew sou, are also available with mod toppings like bacon at Mr Shao Bao.

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Malaysian-Style Siew Bao Using "40-Year-Old” Seremban Shop Recipe Sold At Westgate Mall Kiosk

During regular trips to his hometown in Ipoh, Malaysia, Steven Yeoh always found time to make a stop at Seremban to get a box of the city’s famed siew baos (baked crispy pork buns) for his family. What exactly are siew baos? Think a flaky pastry-covered baked version of the char siew bao — or a rotund version of char siew sou. They are often found in old-school neighbourhood bakeries in Hong Kong and Seremban.

The 33-year-old Singaporean Permanent Resident decided to offer that nostalgic pastry for sale in Singapore, since trips to Malaysia have been more challenging during the pandemic. He opened Mr Shao Bao (mandarin for “siew bao”), a takeaway kiosk in the basement of Westgate mall offering both classic and modern riffs on the bake (think siew baos covered in chicken floss, or wrapped in bacon).

He started the venture with ex-colleague Eric Liew, 42, last December, adapting recipes he’d gotten from a family friend who worked at a “famous 40-year-old siew bao shop in Seremban” (he’s only willing to tell us its name off the record — and yes, it is one of the three most famous siew bao brands in the capital of Negri Sembilan). Steven says he went to Seremban for a few months before the Circuit Breaker to learn how to bake the pastry as well as to see how things were run at the popular siew bao shop.

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