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FamilyMart Opens Outlet In JB’s City Square Mall, Here’s What To Buy There

This branch is the nearest to Singapore.

FamilyMart Opens Outlet In JB’s City Square Mall, Here’s What To Buy There

Singaporeans who frequent Japan adore FamilyMart, the ubiquitous 24-hour Japanese konbini (that’s Japlish for ‘convenience’) chain that has an outlet on practically every street. While it sells your usual packaged snacks and drinks, FamilyMart is also beloved for its dizzying array of freshly-prepared food that make up a hot and delicious meal.

This ranges from soupy oden, to crispy fried chicken and steamed buns. Of course, the Japanese convenience chain also has its own house brand of factory-made onigiris (rice balls) in a wide variety of flavours, in addition to cakes, pastries and breads.

All of these are available round-the-clock and prepared with love, which is why konbini food is considered a legit meal in Japan: it was invented for busy working adults who have no time for meals and want to grab a quick but nourishing bite.

FamilyMart was started in 1981 in Japan, and has since expanded overseas to Taiwan, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. In 2016, it opened its first outlet in Kuala Lumpur, and has since rapidly expanded to a whopping 91 outlets in Malaysia, with three in Johor Bahru. The latest JB branch opened at City Square Mall, near the CIQ customs checkpoint. That’s less than half an hour away from Singapore (with good traffic), if you wanna hit up a FamilyMart without taking a plane. We traipse to the City Square Mall outlet to check it out after a jaunt to the nearby newly-opened R&F Mall, and here is what you should expect:

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