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Egg Prata With Fish Curry Potato Chips Taste Test: Nice Or Not?

We tell you whether it tastes as delicious as it sounds.

We haven’t been this excited about potato chips since they were first showered with salted egg yolk.

But could the new Egg Prata With Fish Curry Potato Chips ($3 per 70g packet) by homegrown potato chip brand Flavours of the East, aka F.East, be the next big thing?

The fact that these guys were cocky enough to not merely name this snack a perfectly acceptable prata and curry, but egg prata with fish curry, made us quite certain that the packet would taste of anything other than MSG and disappointment.

After all, we have often been let down by fancy flavours that sounded exciting on paper. Like “caviar” chips and those elaborate Japanese ones that promise entire meals in a crispy spud (ramen or grilled unagi, anyone?), but tasted as depressing as airplane meals “cooked by Michelin star chefs”.

Video: F.east's Facebook page

Still, we did have a good giggle at the ridiculous yet adorable turban-wrapped potato characters flipping dough and stirring curry on the packet.

The founders behind this 10-month-old brand, a husband and wife team from the finance industry, shared: “F.East focuses on Asian dishes. Prata and curry are both super well-loved dishes. Why the pairing? Because prata simply can't go without curry and we love the spicy tanginess of fish curry. It’s lighter on the tongue than other curries.”

They added, “Although the dominant flavour is the spicy and tangy fish curry, the egg prata notes come out through the aroma in your mouth.”

Photos: Florence Fong



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