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Crazy Rich Asians Star Constance Lau’s Bro Owns Wagyu Chain Waa Cow!, But She Doesn’t Eat Beef

People also mistake them as husband-and-wife.

Most folks already know local actress Constance Lau, 27, by now as the gossipy character Celine aka Radio One Asia from the Hollywood blockbuster Crazy Rich Asians. Or you may have seen her on international (and's) best-dressed lists slaying red carpet looks. But it’s a lesser-known fact that she also has an older brother Clarence, 30, who’s not in showbiz — he’s the young towkay of popular local beef rice bowl chain Waa Cow!, which he started in 2016 with two other friends.

They currently have four outlets offering different beef bowl-centric concepts. The latest 10-seat Waa Cow! Sukiyaki outlet opened on November 8 at Plaza Singapura, within multi-concept enclave NomadX, which is where we are meeting the siblings for a photoshoot and interview. We arrive early and spot Clarence (a self-taught cook) rustling up orders at the counter booth.

Right on the dot at our meeting time, Constance dashes into the eatery. “Sorry, I was buying Koi. You all want some?” she offers. Constance’s typical order, she later tells us, is a large “grapefruit Yakult with pearls, no ice, sugar level 25%”. She laments about its exorbitant $7 price. “It’s very expensive! And maybe because Koi feels bad about charging so much, they give the pearls for free. Last time I used to drink peach green tea. But after a while I didn’t want to drink tea anymore ’cos I can’t sleep with the caffeine.”

“Late already still buy Koi,” ribs Clarence, as Constance shoots him the side-eye. It’s clear that the Lau siblings are very close. They also have a younger sister, Mabel, 26, a teacher who showed up during our visit to support her older brother and sister, but declines to be photographed and sits with her pal at another table during our interview chat. “She’s a private person,” Constance tells us.

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