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Are Mala Potato Chips The Next Big Snack In Singapore?

We sample these two new local mala chips brands and tell you which is yummier.

Are Mala Potato Chips The Next Big Snack In Singapore?

Compared to potato chips, cassava (from which tapioca is derived) chips have a harder texture and can be unwieldy to eat if they are not sliced very thinly. The cassava chips here are sliced finely enough into delicate slivers, with a fab crunch. Its mala flavouring is tasty, but we still prefer a spicier kick. “Cassava is a harder chip and won’t absorb as much [of the seasoning] compared to potatoes,” Gervor tells us. So if you want chips that are more gently seasoned, this is the snack for you.

Bottom line
We personally prefer Ooh’s potato and cassava chips, because of their fabulous crunch and tastier, more elegant mala flavour. But its level of spiciness is not as flaming as Mala Mala’s Crazy Spicy flavour, which will please even the most hardcore of chilli fans. Mala Mala also has mushroom chips, a more atas, gourmet alternative to the usual variety of potato chips.

Mala Mala is available at #B1-32 The Paragon, 290 Orchard Rd, S238859 and

Ooh is available at a pushcart in Change Alley, L1 Chevron House, 30 Raffles Place, S048622, and via Lazada, Shopee and


Singaporeans’ inexplicable love for mala hotpot has spread to tidbits, with two new local brands — Mala Mala and Ooh — offering mala-flavoured potato chips. Mala (in Chinese, the term means ‘numb and spicy’) originates from Sichuan, China, and is created by simmering Sichuan peppercorn, chilli peppers and spices in oil. While it’s commonly found as a sauce and in hotpot soup, these two local brands have spiked chips with a powdered mala seasoning for a spicy kick.

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