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17 Popular Kueh Lapis Legit Brands, Ranked

8 DAYS UNDERCOVER REVIEW: Which brand offers the best version of this decadent cake?

17 Popular Kueh Lapis Legit Brands, Ranked

Chinese New Year is the time for indulging in diet-busting snacks, and us folks at 8days.sg have our own S (“super” in case you didn’t know) tier of goodies. Such as bak kwa and pineapple tarts, which we’ve ranked previously. This year, it’s the unapologetically rich Kueh Lapis Legit’s turn to shine. The traditional Dutch-Indonesian spiced ‘thousand layer’ cake boasts at least 18 layers of spice-laden batter loaded with as many as 30 egg yolks and so much butter it’s almost illegal. The first layer is first baked briefly and weighed down to flatten before more raw batter is ladled on the cooked portion and baked — the process continues till all the batter is gone.

It’s time-consuming to make, calorific and quite expensive, hence it’s usually reserved for festive occasions like Chinese New Year. But with so many options on the market: which one to buy? We’re here to help — we quietly purchased and tasted kueh lapis from 17 mass market brands as regular customers to deliver this useful ranking guide, starting from what we think is the least yummy offering to the most sedap. But first...

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