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10 Hong Kong-Style Egg Tarts, Ranked From Worst To Best

UNDERCOVER REVIEW: Which bakery has the best egg tart in Singapore?

10 Hong Kong-Style Egg Tarts, Ranked From Worst To Best

The Hong Kong-style egg tart has always been a teatime staple at cha chaan tengs. It’s not hard to see why: its rich, crumbly crust makes a dreamy union with its wobbly well of satiny egg custard. The old-school pastry, which is best eaten warm from the oven, has been enjoying a revival in Singapore of late, with the opening of cha chaan teng Joy Luck Teahouse. The new kiosk at the basement of Ion Orchard quickly attracted a three hour-long queue for its snacks made with recipes from well-loved HK food institutions, including egg tarts from Hoover Cake Shop (which are said to be Chow Yun-Fat’s favourite).

Given Singaporeans’ love of Hong Kong and its food, there’s no lack of egg tart options on our shores. Some of the city’s most popular cha chaan tengs have set up shops here, such as Tai Cheong and Honolulu Cafe, all offering their own take on the egg tart. There are also homegrown favourites like fourth generation-owned Tong Heng, which is famous for its diamond-shaped egg tarts.

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