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10 Budget-Friendly Buffets To Check Out From $18 Per Pax

Self-service buffets are back, and here are some options that won’t break the bank.

10 Budget-Friendly Buffets To Check Out From $18 Per Pax

After two years of battling the Covid-19 pandemic, buffet restaurants have finally resumed self-service spreads. With the lifting of dining restrictions from April 30, customers can now help themselves to free-flow food instead of ordering from servers.

But there are still certain measures in place to ensure hygiene, like having to wear disposable gloves or use hand sanitiser before loading up your plate. We are still hyped, though. Who doesn’t love a good buffet? After all, we have waited two long years to enjoy the pleasure of being spoiled for choice again – seeing dishes laid out for our picking and returning to our tables with fully stacked plates to feast on.

What’s even better is when the buffet bill doesn’t eat up your bank account. Which is why we have compiled some options for you, priced from $18 per head, so you can gorge to your heart’s content and not feel the pinch of global inflation.

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