Our local McDonald’s has launched the Durian McFlurry, Chendol McFlurry, and Sweet Corn Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone.

But all we really want to eat right now is the Insta-viral Purple Sweet Potato Ice Cream in an Oreo Cookie Cone. Alas, it's found only at selected McDonald's outlets... in Hong Kong.  

The lilac concoction sits prettily in a stylish dark waffle cone that contains crushed Oreo cookies. A tiny whole Oreo is also wedged in the ice cream as garnish. How cute is that?

Oreos with sweet potatoes sounds like a cool combination you’d get at a hipster ice creamery, except here, it comes at a wallet-friendly price of HK$10 ($1.75).

But wait, there’s more! The soft-serve also comes in a McFlurry version with broken chunks of Oreo wafers, priced at HK$16 each ($2.80), and a Sweet Potato & Vanilla Cone for HK$5 ($0.90).

This sweet treat is not exactly new to McDonald’s HK: it first appeared last year, disappeared, and returned about three months ago.

In 2016, there was also a McLaunch of the Sweet Potato & Vanilla Cone along with three other iterations — a sundae topped with sweet potato syrup, a Double Sundae (which had twice the portion of a Sundae), and a Sweet Potato & Vanilla McFlurry with Meringue Buds that also combined Oreo cookies with sweet potato syrup.

Consider the 2018 sweet potato-Oreo cone an Insta-friendly update.

If you’re planning a summer trip to Hong Kong, know that McDonald’s HK has other desserts to bust your diet too. On their website, their McCafé menu also offers a Blueberry Cheese Toastie, Mango Cream Puff and a Pineapple & Osmanthus Frappé.

McDonald's Singapore reps — if you're reading this — can you bring this awesome-looking purple ice cream in an Oreo cone to town? Pretty please?

PHOTOS: @dengxfoods, @meow.m.e.o.w & Mcdonald’s HK