Singaporeans are apparently very passionate about two things — brown sugar bubble milk and White Rabbit, the chewy Shanghai-made milk candy wrapped in a translucent layer of edible rice paper.

Unsurprisingly, White Rabbit has burrowed its way into every dessert imaginable on this island. This includes cakes and soft serve (check out’s recipe for making your own White Rabbit ice cream here).

And now, the inevitable has happened: homegrown bubble tea pop-up stall Take A Bite is offering a White Rabbit Drink that’s basically bubble milk mixed with melted-down pieces of the iconic candy and brown sugar pearls. The makeshift stall is currently located at a pasar malam set up at the large field beside Jurong East MRT station, till September 30.

On their Instagram page, Take A Bite claims to serve the “first White Rabbit drink in SG”, though last month, local bingsu shop Unice in Yishun also introduced a Pearly White Rabbit Candy Smoothie that went viral.

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