Where To Eat Herh Keow Noodles Besides Song Kee

Don't have time to kill waiting for herh keow (fish dumpling) noodles at the always-crowded Song Kee? Gold 905 DJ and foodie guest writer Denise Tan recommends two alternatives in her show Makan Kakis, where she samples “This or That” options with help from local culinary personalities.

1. Try this: Ah Ho Teochew Kway Teow Mee

makan kakis verdun road fishball

You get the whole works here, including fishballs, fishcake, fish dumplings, mushrooms, sliced and minced pork. The herh keow (fish dumpling) is as traditional as it gets; it’s glossy, slippery and full of fish and pork meat paste, unlike the starchy, rubbery factory-made imposters out there. The secret to the noodles’ explosive taste? The outstanding chilli, which packs a fragrant and heady punch!

Kim San Lee Coffee Shop, 12 Verdun Rd (off Jln Besar, between Sam Leong & Syed Alwi Roads). Open daily except Wed 7am – 4pm.

2. Or That: Soon Wah Fishball Noodle

makan kakis newton circus

The fishballs in this bowl of goodness are not only bouncy and juicy, they’re also “pimply”, which shows that they’re made in-house. The glorious herh keow here is packed full of minced fish and pork and are hand-folded with a “skin” made from fish paste and flour. The addition of lard to the noodles gives it oomph. While Ah Ho Teochew's herh keow is good, I'm more biased towards this one!

makan kakis newton stall

#01-69 Newton Circus Hawker Centre, 500 Clemenceau Ave North. Open daily except Wed & Sun 5.30pm-11.30pm.

makan kakis denise tan
Denise Tan hosts The Lunchtime Jukebox on Gold 905. Makan Kakis is her weekly good food guide, where her panel of culinary personalities like KF Seetoh takes you on gloriously gluttony adventures. Tune in to Gold 905 for new episodes every Thursday, from 11am.

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