Where To Buy New York's Levain Bakery-Inspired Chocolate Chip Cookies in Singapore

You'll have to wait till January to get your paws on them, though.

Fossa Chocolate, a homegrown brand, claims to offer a good Levain Bakery-inspired chocolate chip cookie. We haven’t tried it yet as it’s unavailable this festive season while the company focuses on making chocolates — they're only back on sale in January. Fossa’s Chunky Nibby Chocolate Cookies ($25 for five) is made with bits of the brand’s Oko Caribe 72% dark chocolate, sourced from the Dominican Republic, for a “rich, fudge-like flavour”.

However, instead of dotting the cookies with walnuts like the famed bakery in New York City, cocoa nibs (dried and fermented bits of cacao beans) are used here. Owner-baker Jay Chua, 30, says that while he hasn't actually sampled the bakes from the much-loved Levain in NYC, where stars like Taylor Swift and Blake Lively are fans, his cookie was “tweaked to look like Levain’s”. He adds: “We watched a video of it on YouTube and thought it looked so delicious. Our version is essentially just us imagining how the original [Levain cookie] would taste like.”

Fossa Chocolate’s Chunky Nibby Chocolate Cookies are available from Jan 2018 at www.fossachocolate.com.

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