The past couple of days proved to be chaotic ones in the F&B world. Standalone shops selling predominantly beverages — such as bubble tea, packaged and loose snacks (popcorn, nuts, bak kwa), desserts like doughnuts, cookies, ice cream, yogurt, plus cake shops — were labelled non-essential by the government and ordered to close with effect from 22 April, till a tentative date of 4 May. This, along with a one-month extension of the Circuit Breaker till 1 June to battle the burgeoning Covid-19 cases in Singapore.

Even affected businesses with licensed central kitchens cannot do online sales and delivery if their primary category of food falls under “cakes and confectionery, chocolate and chocolate products, chips, crackers and other tidbits, ice-cream and non-chocolate confectionery”.

Stalls selling hot snacks like Old Chang Kee are still allowed to operate, but others such as Bengawan Solo, Lana CakesPatisserie Cle, Lucia Cakes, Tarte By Cheryl Koh, Patisserie Glace etc, aren’t.

*Information correct at press time — details may change as bakeries get better clarity from the authorities. All photos cannot be reproduced without permission.

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