This Is Why Guinness Stout Always Comes With A Foamy Head

It involves a widget.

Here’s how to enjoy a can of Guinness Draught like a pro. The next time you have a drinking sesh with your squad and some Guinness stout, make yourself the booze guru of the group by dropping some knowledge — like how each can of stout has a nifty hack called a widget (a hollow plastic sphere with a tiny hole) that retains a small amount of nitrogenised beer in it so that when you open the can, the widget releases a burst of nitrogen bubbles which gives your brew a thick, creamy foam head like what you’d get from the tap in a pub.

guinness 2 widget

And here’s how you pour a can of stout like a champ:

  1. Open the can
  2. Let it sit for five seconds on a flat surface for the widget to unleash its nitrogen bubble surge
  3. Tip the can’s contents at a 45-degree angle into a clean, dry glass for a luscious head of foam.
  4. Cheers!

Guinness Draught is available at all supermarkets.

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