We reported earlier that Nicholas Tse, or Chef Nic as he wants to be known as in the foodie world, recently partnered with McDonald’s Hongkong to roll out a special menu featuring McVersions of his favourite childhood food (which includes a Bolognese Angus Beef Burger).

Orders are served on a special paper placemat emblazoned with Nic’s mug as he focused on assembling a burger.

If you have ever casually doodled a moustache on a random person’s photo in your secondary school textbook, you’d know that this is a ripe opportunity for some, er, artistic flexin’.

Netizens wasted no time in customising their Nic Tse placemats, mostly using leftover ketchup and French fries. We must say, some of masterpieces were pretty creative:

Maybe McDonald's should turn it into a most creative placemat graffiti contest.

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