New Restaurant: SBCD Korean Tofu House

Test your tolerance for heat with house-made tofu stews with varying levels of spiciness. (A version of this story first appeared in Issue 1371, Jan 23, 2017.)

Another eatery opens at the new Tanjong Pagar Centre. This one, part of a chain from Los Angeles’ BCD Tofu House, specialises in Korean soft tofu stew.

Soontofu that is handmade in-house daily

The signature Soontofu (“soon” means soft in Korean) is handmade in-house daily using Korean soy milk. Go for the Assorted Soontofu Stew ($19.90), featuring a medley of soft tofu, beef slices, prawns, clam and squid. Customise your tofu stew by choosing from four different levels of spiciness for the kimchi and sesame-based stew: mild, medium, spicy and crazy hot. You can also add premium ingredients like oysters and abalone, or wallet-friendly options like cheese and pork dumplings. Other Korean staple dishes like bibimbap and bulgogi are also available. 

#B1-01/02, TANJONG PAGAR CENTRE, 7 WALLICH ST S078884. TEL: 6386-6441. OPEN DAILY 11.30AM-10PM. LAST ORDERS AT 9.30PM.


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