If you’ve missed out on trying McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Burger back when it launched in August 2017, here’s some good news: it’s coming baaack on April 25.

The limited-edition burger, which was introduced for National Day back then and abruptly disappeared from the menu soon after it launched due to overwhelming demand, briefly made a comeback one month later, but soon vanished again. And now, in 2019, it’s returning during the Ramadan period, which starts next Sunday (May 5).

It boasts a “a coconut-flavoured chicken thigh [patty] coated in cornflake crust and topped with a fried egg, crunchy cucumber and caramelised onions”, all slicked with a sweet-spicy sambal sauce.

Other than the Nasi Lemak Burger, the fast food chain’s line of ‘Singaporean’ desserts also make a comeback. This includes the Chendol soft serve ice cream, Chendol McFlurry and Banana Pie.

Check out the prices below.

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