After slathering their fried chook with salted egg yolk and mala sauce, fast food chain KFC is launching another limited edition item on June 28 that’ll intrigue Singaporean hawker food fans: Cereal Chicken.

Back in 2014, they launched a similar-sounding Golden Cereal Crunch Chicken with cereal bits mixed into the crunchy batter.

But this time, the fried chicken is prepared like the popular cereal prawn dish from zi char stalls. Instead of cereal-coated chicken skin, a generous shower of Nestum cereal is sprinkled onto pieces of KFC’s Hot & Crispy chicken, which is marinated with a “special spice seasoning”. The cereal is also wok-fried zi char-style with curry leaves, curry powder, chopped chilli padi and butter.

Appropriately Singaporean, considering that this Cereal Chicken is launched to celebrate National Day on August 9.

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