As if to counterbalance the decadence that is the recently-launched KFC Goldspice Chicken, a deep-fried ‘Hot & Crispy’ chook coated with salted egg (available till Aug 9), the fast food chain announced a healthier new menu item today: the KFC Signature Grilled Chicken.

Say what? Yep, grilled chicken. A whole quarter leg — apparently KFC is the first fast food chain in Singapore to use this cut of meat — rubbed in a robust blend of paprika, pepper, garlic, onion and herbs, then oven-grilled in-store to “light crisped golden-brown deliciousness”.  

The gently spicy grilled bird, a permanent item on the menu from August 1, is priced from $5.90 à la carte (dine-in) or in bundle meals from $8.95. Each grilled leg contains roughly 356 calories (an average adult female should consume about 2,000 calories a day while a male requires approximately 2,500 calories).

Also new: the healthy-ish Garden Salad ($2.20 as an add-on to a meal; $1.20 to exchange a side dish like coleslaw from a meal), a mesclun mix with soy-sesame dressing.

Interesting news for fast food fans looking for more wholesome options at their fave quick-service eateries.

But if you’re the sort who believes that life is all about balance, then go for the The Grilled Chicken Variety Meal ($19.95; see pic #4). It includes one grilled quarter leg, plus, er, two pieces of fried Chicken, three Hot & Crispy Tenders, sides and drinks.

The Signature Grilled Chicken is available from Aug 1 at all KFC restaurants, except KFC Changi Airport Terminal 1, Jurong West Street 51, KidZania, Singapore Zoo and Toa Payoh Lor 1.

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