Jay Chou-endorsed Chinese sandwich snack chain Liang Sandwich Bar is opening a franchised takeaway outlet in Singapore this Saturday (July 7). 

It's located at VivoCity’s basement.

Good news: the shop is giving away 100 free Liang Chicken Sandwiches over the weekend (July 7 and 8) from 10am to celebrate its opening. The freebies are given out on a first come, first served basis.

For the uninitiated, the Liang Chicken Sandwich is said to be Jay Chou’s favourite sarnie. It is stuffed with marinated smoked chicken chunks, egg and veggies.

Liang Sandwich Bar started in Shanghai in 2004, and has since rapidly expanded. There are now over 12,000 outlets worldwide in its native China, Hongkong, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, US and Canada. 

Unlike a typical bread-based sarnie, Liang Sandwich Bar’s to-go offerings are nicknamed “hand-grabbed sandwiches” as each taco-like sarnie consists of a crispy scallion ‘pancake’ folded in half to cradle meat and veggie fillings.

The cheapest Plain Sandwich sans fillings go for $2.50, while the priciest Liang Chicken Sandwich go for $5.90 (Jay Chou got expensive taste hor).

Jay's fans will also be pleased to know that his mug will be plastered on the food packaging, from the sandwich’s paper pouch to paper cups for hot beverages (you know, for the ’gram).

The Mandopop superstar has been endorsing the brand since 2013, along with Chinese actress Meng Li. Due to its Jay Chou association, the sandwich shop’s menu has categories named after his music, like 'The Invincible'. 

What to expect when the Singaporean franchise opens: a variety of scallion pancake sarnies such as the Jay-approved Liang Chicken Sandwich ($5.90), Chicken Bolognese Sandwich, Mushroom & Egg Sandwich, as well as Cheese & Egg Sandwich, the latter which the owners say will all be priced “below $5”

And now, the million-dollar question: will we get to see Jay himself when the shop opens here? According to the local franchise boss, the answer is, sadly, not this time. But there’s still hope, lah. He adds, “If time permits, Jay Chou will come down for the opening of our other future outlets.”

There are also nine other franchised

 outlets in Malaysia. When we visited the branch in KSL City mall, Johor Bahru, a staff member was busy frying up frozen scallion pancakes on an open-concept grill (see video above), so you can watch your sarnie being cooked and assembled while you wait.

We sure hope the local outlet will be just as interesting, though we say be prepared to jostle with the hordes for this popular snack at its opening. Watch this space for our upcoming review.

Liang Sandwich Bar Singapore, #B2-K22 Vivocity, 1 Harbourfront Walk, S098585.