Even though we were just dining at casual Japanese-Italian chain Saizeriya for lunch today, our meal felt like a momentous occasion. It’s the first day of Phase 2 post-circuit breaker, and a beaming server handed us a fresh box of cutlery and carefully placed our food on the table. “I’m so happy to see you today,” he said earnestly, though we’ve never met. But we feel the same, bro, we feel the same. “It has been two months,” he mused wistfully.

The circuit breaker has been tough for folks in Singapore, as the country battles the Covid-19 outbreak. Restaurants were forced to shut, and F&B owners saw their businesses plummet by as much as 90%. But today is a new beginning, with eateries reopening for dine-in customers. We could sense the hope in the air, which smelled of industrial sanitiser. Even the usually surly service staff cracked smiles and worked with a spring in their steps.

And it seems like those who have been cooped up at home for the circuit breaker were out in full force today to make up for lost time. At the stroke of midnight on June 19, masked foodies rushed to kopitiams to reunite with their favourite supper, and schlepping to a McDonald’s for breakfast was finally great again.

The 8days.sg team headed out to check out the crowds in the morning, afternoon and early evening (armed with masks and safe distancing awareness, of course), and here’s what we saw at the various F&B outlets.

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