Filipino mango dessert chain Maxi Mango started out as a pop-up food fair kiosk in Davao City in 2017. But in the two years that it has been around, it has managed to expand to over 43 permanent outlets in its native Philippines. Its appeal? Vivid yellow mango soft-serve ice cream sprinkled with various toppings like crushed graham crackers and ube (purple yam) sauce.

Yep, it’s a little bit like the Filipino version of Hong Kong mango dessert chain Hui Lui Shan. And its soft-serve cups look like the pretty fruit-topped froyo you’d get from a Llao Llao or Yolé outlet, except you can only get mango-based picks here.

So popular are Maxi Mango’s desserts on social media, Filipino fans have been known to queue up for a whopping four hours to get a taste of the fruity soft serve (the hysteria has since calmed down to a 15 to 30 minutes wait) when the shops first opened.

Unlike the creamy, milky soft-serve made popular by the Japanese, Maxi Mango’s soft-serve is made with just enough milk to create a pliable consistency. What’s unique about their ice cream is the addition of puréed fresh mangoes — the chain imports the Cebu mangga variety, prized for its intense sweetness and golden hue, that’s grown in southern Philippines.

Come August 2, Maxi Mango will open its first franchised Singapore outlet at Capitol Piazza. It’s located on the same City Hall MRT station-linked stretch as Taiwanese brown sugar bubble tea chain Tiger Sugar.