Who says size doesn’t matter? When it comes to getting your sugar (and Instagram) fix, size is all that matters. Three-tiered cakes? Pfft. Been there, done that. If you really want to rack up the ‘likes’ on social media, this oh-so-photogenic three-tiered puff of cotton candy from Totti Candy Factory is the way to go. As you can probably tell, this is not your average pasar malam version of pink candyfloss. For a start, it has a finer pedigree. The kawaii concept, which started in 2015, hails from Japan and hawks super-sized sweet fluff in two sizes: big ($6) and, er, bigger ($10).

The franchise, the first outside of Japan, is brought in by Japanese-owned F&B company, Sunpark Singapore (behind Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen). This oversized puff of spun sugar can be found at four outlets around Japan, including pop culture mecca Harajuku in Tokyo. The pop-up store here, which opened early March at heartland mall Northpoint City in Yishun, features two Japan-imported cotton candy machines where all the magic happens.

The visual spectacle is part of the allure. The shop was virtually empty when we visited on a weekday afternoon. But the moment the machines were fired up, curious onlookers started gathering round. Watching billowy clouds of locally sourced sugar turn into colourful behemoths is oddly satisfying. The first layer to be created is a large globe of spun candy. Next, a half dome of cotton candy is wrapped around it followed by the third and widest tier — all in different shades of pastel.

Don’t take too long posing for selfies with your cotton floss, though. The giant puff will shrink and sag after a while as the sugar begins to melt, no thanks to Singapore’s humidity. But unless bouncing off walls for hours is your idea of a good time, we don’t recommend eating it all by yourself. And if ginormous candyfloss isn’t enough to give you a sugar rush, there’s also other candy like gummy bears, sour apple strips and cola sweets for sale, by weight.

View the photo gallery above to find out what we think of the candy here. 

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