Fancy Feasting Around the World?

Get ready to chow down these culinary creations from some of the best restaurants in VivoCity.

Poulet #01-175 (pictured above)

A modern bistro that offers classic comfort foods, its signature Roast Chicken in Mushroom Chardonnay Sauce ($16.90 for half, $30.90 for whole) is a favourite, with chicken that is brined for a full-day, before being roasted till the skin turns crisp and golden brown, and served with a creamy homemade Chardonnay button mushroom sauce.

Barrio by Mex Out #01-116

barrio by mex out

Indulge in the fresh flavours of Mexican cuisine, with the best of its famous street snacks on the menu. Snack on char-grilled corn, stuffed jalapenos, or burritos, salads, and desserts. A favourite is the Fish Taco ($13.40 for 2 pieces, $15.90 for 3 pieces), which features crispy beer-battered sea bass, pickled red cabbage, and salsa, served on soft tortillas.

Bornga #02-123


The brainchild of Korea’s renowned celebrity chef, Chef Paik Jong Won, Bornga is known for its Korean BBQ dishes in generous portions. Especially popular is the Bornga Bulgogi ($45, serves 2 
to 3), a beef hotpot with beef fillet that is marinated in a special sauce, and cooked with fresh vegetables, mushrooms, and chewy Korean glass noodles. There’s also a Bornga Bulgogi lunch set ($34.90) that includes seven side dishes, a house dessert and barley tea, which is available on weekdays from 11.30am to 3pm. 

Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant #01-98

serenity spanish bar   restaurant

A panoramic view of the waterfront greets diners at this Spanish specialty restaurant, which you can enjoy while dining on favourites like Crispy Pork Knuckles and Spanish Suckling Pig. In Serenity’s Seafood Paella ($52), short-grain Boomba rice is simmered in a secret-recipe stock, then piled high with mussels, prawns, squid and fish. Don’t forget to scrape up the slightly burnt bits of rice at the base of the pan — that’s the best part!

Charcoal Thai #03-07

charcoal thai

Generous servings of vegetables, mushrooms, seafood, fishballs and more can be cooked perfectly in tom yum soup or clear broth, while slices of marinated chicken and pork are perfect for the grill. For something that’s both tasty and good for your skin, the Mookata & Thai Beauty Collagen Hotpot Set ($57.95) comes with collagen-rich broth for steamboat, and a bountiful selection of vegetables, meats and premium seafood.

The King Louis Grill & Bar #03-07A

the king louis grill   bar

Diners are greeted by knights’ armour upon entering the first medieval-themed restaurant in Singapore. If you’re with a bunch of fellow foodies, the Queen Victoria Platter ($109.80) gives you a feast of Roast Beef with black pepper gravy, Smoked BBQ ribs, Sautéed Abalone with Broth, Pan-seared Fresh Snapper with Garlic Cream, and Flame-grilled Fresh Prawns with Garlic Herbs.

Shin Kushiya #02-120

shin kushiya

Pick from 51 types of Kushiyaki, skewered and grilled to perfection. Also try the Trio of Sashimi Favourites (9pcs, $24.60), featuring fresh, imported seafood from Tsukiji fish market. Diners get a free Mixed Kushiyaki Platter (worth $13) with purchase of a Trio of Sashimi Favourites, a great deal! 

Paradise Dynasty #03-08A

paradise dynasty

The best of both Northern and Southern Chinese 
cuisine can be found at Paradise Dynasty, prepared 
in a contemporary and innovative style. Available for a limited time, the Sautéed Bullfrog with Pickled Peppers in Hot and Sour Sauce ($26.80) with succulent and tender bullfrog thigh sautéed in 
a medley of spices is the perfect balance of savoury, spicy and sour in every bite.

HaiDiLao Hotpot #03-09

haidilao hotpot

Traditional Sichuan-style hotpot is given a trendy twist at HaiDiLao Hotpot. Their broths are rich in flavour, and hotpot ingredients include over 100 choices such as fresh meats, seafood, vegetables and more. Head to their sauce station to create your own dipping sauce for an even tastier hotpot experience.

Dancing Crab #03-10

dancing crab

Expect only the finest seafood like Boston lobster and Dungeness crab here. In celebration of National Day, they have launched their special Chilli Crab ($88), which includes two Sri Lankan crabs cooked in sauce made with Roma tomatoes, pomelo, oranges, and fiery chilli padi. The dish is served with bread — perfect for soaking up every drop of the delicious sauce!

Snack Temptations

Check out this selection of light bites available at VivoCity Basement 2 for you to choose from.

savoury snacks

(Clockwise from top left) 

Assorted pizza slices (from $4.50) from Pezzo #B2-K15  

Assorted skewers (from $1.50) from Teppei Daidokoro #B2-K22  

Char Siew Su ($1.70) from 8 Tarts & Pastries #B2-K19  

Red Hot Spicy Chicken ($4.80) from Snackz It! #B2-K24  

Salted Egg Sauce, Salted Egg Fish Skin, and Salted Egg Chips (from $8) from IRVINS Salted Egg #B2-K25

Popcorn Squid ($4.30) from UYI Savoury Squids #B2-K20  

sweet snacks

(Clockwise from top left)

Korean Walnut Cake ($3.80 for 5 pieces) from HODO LOCO #B2-K10

Assorted macarons ($3 each) from Rive Gauche Patisserie #B2-K5

Mini Dark Chocolate Almond Churro ($2.90 per piece) from Churro 101 #B2-K16

Assorted cupcakes ($3-$3.50 each) from Twelve Cupcakes #B2-K14 

Original Pretzel ($2.90) from Auntie Anne’s 

Cookie Crunch, Kit Kat, and Sprinkles donuts ($2.95 each, buy 9 get 3 free for $26.50) from Krispy Kreme #B2-K2

Prices listed may be subject to service charge and prevailing government taxes, where applicable.

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