Everything Is Cooked With Wood Fire In This Restaurant

Say hello to the charming new European restaurant-bakery Firebake, whose chef-owner trained at a three Michelin star restaurant in Switzerland.

firebake interiors credit daphotographer john heng

Thinking of dining out this weekend? Firebake is the hawt new place in town. Go there to break bread (literally), freshly baked in two brick ovens fuelled with reclaimed Jarrah wood from Western Australia. One oven is dome-shaped and designed for high heat to bake large loaves of bread, while the second, smaller oven is tunnel-shaped and allows more flexible heat control for baking dishes like Braised Lamb Shoulder ($26). 

firebake bread in woodfire oven credit daphotographer john heng

The ovens with iron doors are 2.5m deep, and boast New Zealand volcanic bricks for better heat retention. 

firebake reburnished antique stoves credit daphotographer john heng

Adding to the restaurant's bucolic charm are its 150-year-old cast-iron stoves, which are used to cook food served in small plates and sharing portions. 

firebake norwegian blue mussel  lager  chorizo credit daphotographer john heng
Norwegian Blue Mussels with Chorizo

Organic Australian flour and wild yeast is used for making the restaurant specialty —  wood-fired sourdough bread — of which there are five types here (which includes Valley, a fruit-studded rendition). The bread is also served with hearty European dishes like 4-Spice Chicken Liver Pate ($12) and Norwegian Blue Mussels ($25) with chorizo.

firebake konstantino blokbergen profile 2 credit daphotgrapher john heng
Firebake's chef-owner Konstantino Blokbergen

Firebake’s chef-owner is Greek-born, Swiss-raised Konstantino Blokbergen, who grew up in a foodie family (his father Adolf Blokbergen formerly helmed one Michelin star French restaurant Auberge du Raisin in Cully, Switzerland, while his maternal grandfather used to be an baker). Konstantino himself trained as a chef at three-Michelin-star French restaurant Fredy Girardet in Switzerland before becoming an F&B consultant, and later setting up this bakery and restaurant.

Firebake is at 237 East Coast Rd, S428930. Tel: 6440-1228/ 9784-2950. Open daily except Mon 6pm-10pm. Last orders at 9.30pm. 

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