Those addicted to durians will agree that it’s a very expensive indulgence. We at know the pain of paying top dollar for the king of fruits, only to discover that we’ve gotten duds (which is why we recently ranked 10 durian stalls to find the one with the best MSW delivery — check out the results here).

But now that durian season is in full swing, with MSW trees dropping their fruits till September, sellers are starting to offer their durians at more wallet-friendly prices due to the supply glut. Below, we highlight five stalls where you can get Pahang MSW for just $12/kg. MSWs from the Malaysian state are generally favoured by durian connoisseurs for being the best of its kind.

Of course, there are caveats. You can’t order these $12/kg MSWs for delivery.  "They’re already so cheap, so we can’t deliver them," some sellers told us. You also cannot reserve them in advance. Which means you’ll have to go to the stall and queue up to buy the durians yourself. Yep, there’ll be a queue, ’cos everyone loves a good lobang. But the pro is that you can also check your purchase on the spot — find out how to choose a good MSW here.

The Pahang durians arrive in Singapore daily in the evening due to travelling time, and the stalls are mostly selling their $12/kg durians from 6pm, while stocks last. Oh, and each customer is limited to a maximum of two to four durians (depending on the stall’s policy).

But for the low, low price, don’t expect top notch MSW brimming with fleshy seeds lah. The durian sellers we spoke to told us that the cheap durians are mostly Grade B Pahang MSWs with a smattering of Grade A durians. “The difference between Grade A & B MSW is its size. Grade B is smaller and has less yield than Grade A, but the taste for both is the same,” explained a staff member from Yishun durian stall YGB Durian (other sellers echoed the same sentiment about punier Grade B MSWs).

Read on for the deals.