Good news for fans of the current see-through drink of the moment, Coca-Cola Clear. The made-in-Japan drink, which came to Singapore over a week ago, now costs a more reasonable $2.95 per 500ml bottle at online grocer, RedMart. The drink was first launched here on June 20 via rival online grocery delivery service Fresh by Honestbee at a promotional price of $6 (it stated its 'original price' at an eye-watering $9.90). Interestingly, Honestbee has since recently reduced the price to $3.25. 

In contrast, a regular brown-coloured original Coke of the same size goes for about $1.45. 

This isn’t the first clear cola to be created. A clear cola nicknamed White Coke was reportedly made in the 1940s at the request of a Soviet General. Pepsi also released its own version of a clear cola called Crystal Pepsi in the 1990s, which flopped.

According to Japanese website Kotaku, over 50 attempts were made before Coke finally arrived at this clear yet palatable version of its beloved beverage. Apparently, to make the drink see-through, Coca-Cola had to remove the caramel flavouring that gives the drink its iconic brown shade. What’s been added is a splash of lemon flavouring. The drink also contains zero calories.

Check out our photo gallery above for our taste test of the curious new drink.
Visit RedMart or Honestbee to buy Coca-Cola Clear. ​​​​​​​

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