A note from 8 Days: 

An earlier version of this article by 8 Days included a write-up on the restaurant “The Oyster Bank” in Funan mall. In the article, we had shared our colleague’s recount of her dining experience there. It has come to our attention that the write-up did not accurately represent the events which transpired. We acknowledge that 8 Days should have reached out to the restaurant earlier for its comments. 8 Days apologises for falling short of our usual editorial standards.


After three years and a S$560 mil revamp, Funan reopened its doors to mall-goers on June 28. Gone is the shabby mall offering laptops, cameras and other tech gadgets along with a handful of nondescript chain eateries. In its place is a sleek, kinda futuristic if rather cold space boasting flagship stores by popular brands like Brompton Bicycle, Love, Bonito and Dyson, as well as, inexplicably, a rock climbing wall in the centre of the mall (we’re not sure we enjoyed the sight of sweaty, panting peeps grasping at rocks while queueing for Afuri Ramen). There’s also a rooftop urban farm supplying some of the mall’s farm-to-table eateries with veggies, and a slightly gimmicky KopiTech kopitiam, where you can pay for your food with cryptocurrencies (for real).

You’d probably need a day to wander around the snazzy mall fitted with Instagrammable corners everywhere. And good walking shoes — our editor encountered a faulty escalator and elevator when she popped by last week and had to climb up and down plenty of stairs. Not fun. But the one positive takeaway is that there are more eateries now should you find yourself in Funan. If you’re overwhelmed by the makan options there, here’s our handy guide on which interesting eatery you should check out, from cheap (below $10 per pax) to mid-range (around $20 to $30 per pax) to steep (above $50 per pax).