Soon, Changi Airport will no longer only be a place for you to catch your flights and hoover up duty-free stuff. The upcoming massive Jewel Changi Airport mall is opening on April 17, and with it comes a whole wave of eateries, some entirely new-to-market in Singapore (see below).

Since we all have limited stomach space, has come up with a list of the 30 worthiest eateries to zoom in on and make your effort jostling with the inevitable crowd worthwhile.

But before we whisk you away on an armchair gastronomic journey, let us say you should be very excited about Jewel Changi Airport’s surreal space. Just take a look at the videos of its interior — the lush, green environs look like prime Na’vi real estate in Avatar (see below).

It appears that there are shuttle trams linked to Changi Airport’s existing terminals, and which drift lazily along tracks that wind through the exuberant Forest Valley (a plant-filled enclave that circles the giant Rain Vortex waterfall). Swee lah.

One of the highlights of Jewel Changi Airport is the 40-metre circular Rain Vortex waterfall, which has already earned the title of being the world’s largest indoor waterfall. It gushes down from the dome-shaped mall’s glass ceiling, which explains why Jewel resembles a futuristic donut from aerial shots.

Water from the waterfall is designed to fall into a giant transparent funnel, which gives the realistic effect of a, yep, vortex (a swirling body of water that’s typically seen wrapped around a tornado or cyclone). Super cool, and apparently, you won’t get splashed even if you stand near the vortex (we hear that, unlike Marina Bay Sands’ Rain Oculus whirlpool waterfall, you can stand right in front of the Rain Vortex for photos without getting sprayed with water droplets). Yasss for the ’gram.