First there was Man Man, then next came Uya. Now, there’s another possibly even more legit live unagi joint coming to town. Miyagawa Honten from Tokyo is opening its first outlet outside of Japan in Singapore. It boasts a 125-year history and operates 20 outlets in Japan alone. Its first outlet was Tsukiji Miyagawa Honten, way back in 1894. However, its Singapore outpost won’t be named Miyagawa Honten — instead, it’ll be christened Unagiya Ichinoji. The 34-seater, which opens on April 12, will be housed at Riverside View in Robertson Quay. It is brought to Singapore as a franchise by the Komars Group, also behind the Ramen Champion eatery here. 

The Singapore outlet will offer unagi three ways: hitsumabushi, seiro mushi and donburi. All served with the chain's unique spicy tare sauce. Hitsumabushi (also served at Man Man and Uya) is the famed Nagoya way of charcoal-roasting the eel, chopping it and serving it with rice, plus condiments like dashi, seaweed, wasabi and spring onions on the side. Serio mushi is a lighter style of eel from Yanagawa that we haven't yet seen served in Singapore. It involves grilling the unagi briefly before steaming it together with rice in a bamboo steamer so it's moist and fragrant. Meanwhile, the classic donburi (rice bowl) is the classic style of unagi that everyone knows and loves. 

The kitchen will be stocked with live eels (from a yet undisclosed supplier) and slaughtered to order. 

There are plans to open a second branch if the response is good.

Opens April 12 at #01-05 Riverside View, Robertson Quay, S238251.

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