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You Don’t Have To Queue For This Cheap And Delicious Bak Kwa In Chinatown

Its towkay is an enterprising 33-year-old.

You Don’t Have To Queue For This Cheap And Delicious Bak Kwa In Chinatown

Recently, the 8 DAYS team had a bak kwa tasting showdown, and unanimously decided that Kim Peng Hiang in Changi boasts the best barbecued pork in Singapore. But as with all good things, you have to wait for it. The last we heard, there’s an average wait of an eye-watering six hours (up to eight or more, last Sunday) for Kim Peng Hiang’s succulent pork slices. Yikes.

If you have better things to do with your time instead of standing in line in the humidity, here’s a relatively underrated but great lobang: bak kwa specialist Peng Guan in Chinatown sells delicious barbecued pork. While it has a central kitchen in Admiralty, Peng Guan mainly sells its bak kwa online and at its hawker stall at Chinatown Complex Food Centre. There’s usually no insane queue at its stall during CNY, and what’s even better, its prices are cheaper than most of its bak kwa-selling counterparts. In fact, we were there last night and there was no line at all — we got our stash in just a few minutes. Too bad we only happened to try it after our bak kwa ranking story was published. 'Cos we think it would've ranked among the top 3 best bak kwas we tasted. But on the bright side, this means not having to fight the hordes here at least, if you're a last-minute shopper.

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