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Man Who Won $1Mil Toto Prize Years Ago Now A Char Siew Hawker

The name of his stall? Char Siu Lang, a cheeky play on the Hokkien phrase ‘cha si lang’ (annoying people to death).

Man Who Won $1Mil Toto Prize Years Ago Now A Char Siew Hawker

A $3.50 Toto ticket won Ivan Leong around $1 million in a lottery draw back in 2013. He generously split the money with his then-girlfriend Stephanie Ng, 30, bought a flat and shared the remaining spoils with his parents. Thereafter, the 33-year-old started work as a financial advisor.

Here’s where his life’s trajectory takes an even more interesting turn: he quit six years later to become an apprentice at a roast meat stall in Ang Mo Kio. He slogged for two years, earning around “$1,000 plus a month”. He declines to tell us at which stall. He explains: “I was getting quite bored and wanted to look for something different”. But why that particular job? The man, who used to occasionally help out at his granny's prawn mee hawker stall in the past, reasons: “I have a passion for cooking. And my pay improved after a while. But I wasn’t working there for the high salary. It was for the experience I’d get in running a business [later on], and to master my roasting [skills].”

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