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And The 8 Days #EatDirty Awards 2017 Winners Are…

We reveal which eateries offer the best comfort food in Singapore.

And The 8 Days #EatDirty Awards 2017 Winners Are…

It’s nearing that end-of-year rainy season again, which means it’s time to hunker down with some heart-warming comfort food. Need makan ideas? Our very first Eat Dirty Awards offers 10 categories of satisfying, soul-lifting, decadent grub (each housing four nominated eateries). Every category boasts two winners — one a Readers’ Choice Award picked by you; the other, chosen by a panel of three judges. On the panel: celeb foodie Rosalyn Lee (@heyrozz) and 8 DAYS’ resident makan fiends — food editor Florence Fong (@flofongsg) and this writer, Yip Jieying (@yipjieying_­). Since voting began a month ago, we’ve fussed about and sometimes plain argued over which places we should put as our winners. We even ate several dishes multiple times, just to be sure. Deliciousness was obviously the main criteria, but being consistently good was also important. It all came down to this: the list of champs. Scroll through to see the best places to #eatdirty as voted by you and our panel.

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