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Jeanette Aw Opening Patisserie In "April Or May"

It will be a while before you can try her popular WTF Brownies, though.

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Jeanette Aw Opening Patisserie In "April Or May"

Those of you who missed out on Jeanette Aw’s wildly popular bake sales last year will soon be able to try her handmade confections.

The actress and Le Cordon Bleu-trained baker has finally secured a shop space and will be opening her patisserie around “April or May”.

While she declined to reveal the location for fear that it will interfere with the renovation works, she tells that patisserie will offer a revolving menu of desserts, cakes, and pastries, depending on what inspires her.

“I would like to constantly change the menu, so there will always be something new to look forward to. I won’t be able to tell you right now what I will be offering, it’s more about what inspires me then. I’d like to keep it exciting for the customers as well as myself,” shares Jeanette, 41.

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