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Ian Fang Is Now A Restaurateur And Is… Settling Down Soon?

We ask him if the lucky woman is Rebecca Lim.

Ian Fang Is Now A Restaurateur And Is… Settling Down Soon?

Most people celebrate turning 30 with a party. Or maybe an Eat Pray Love kind of trip overseas to find themselves. But Ian Fang is a different kind of 29-year-old — an ambitious one who goes and invests in a restaurant just ’cos it’s the sort of thing one does after almost three decades on earth (the Shanghai-born actor will be 30 this December).

If you ‘know’ Ian solely through his Instagram page, it’s easy to think of him as a guy who’s into rap, looking cool in streetwear and all the other stuff millennials do that doesn’t involve tangling with the notoriously tough F&B industry. But over the years that us folks at have spoken to Ian, we find that he’s one of the few young stars who thinks deeper than what social media posts can convey, and who also has his heart in the right place.

Yep, it’s true that he recently invested in a casual-chic 10-month-old restaurant called House of Mu, which serves mod European nosh along Mohamed Sultan Road, ’cos he’s turning 30. But he adds earnestly: “The Chinese say that 30 is a powerful age. It’s the age for men to establish themselves. So I want to build my career to make my mum proud and support her financially. I want a life for my mum where she doesn’t have to worry about me.”

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