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Foodie Friday: What The Stars Ate This Week (Oct 7-14)

All the photos that made us hungry this week.
Foodie Friday: What The Stars Ate This Week (Oct 7-14)

Nothing bonds people like good food. This week, the cast of Ah Boys to Men had a mini reunion over zi char delights, Pierre Png and Richie Koh indulged in Korean street food when they were in Busan, Joakim Gomez and Sonia Chew brought American Tiktok stars Miki Rai and Kevin for fish head curry, and Vivian Hsu surprised the cast of upcoming Mediacorp drama Strike Gold with afternoon snacks. Read on for more.  

Pierre Png and Richie Koh

What they ate: Korean blood sausage

Yummy factor: Both Pierre and Richie, who were in Busan for the Asia Contents Awards, found themselves impressed by the plate of sundae (Korean-style blood sausage) they had at a small eatery along a street food alley. Typically made by stuffing offals with glass noodles, glutinous rice and pig’s blood, and then steamed, sundae is a popular Korean street food. Must have tasted really good when paired with piping hot soup. Watch #JustSwipeLah to see what they got up to in Busan:

Vivian Hsu, Hong Huifang and the cast of Strike Gold

What they ate: Teatime snacks

Yummy factor: Thanks to Yvonne Lim, who’s a good friend of Vivian Hsu, the cast and crew of upcoming Mediacorp drama Strike Gold, well, struck gold when the Taiwanese star made a surprise visit on set. And she didn’t turn up empty-handed, bringing refreshments like bubble tea from Machi Machi and dim sum like chicken sou, yam puffs, and more from Nam Heong.

Ivy Lee

What she ate: Luscious cake

Yummy factor: Ivy was a picture of bliss with her slice of luscious cake (could it be rose-flavoured?) and fresh juice on the side — the perfect indulgent pairing for the weekend.

Charlie Goh, Joshua Tan, Tosh Zhang, Maxi Lim, and Noah Yap

What they ate: Fish head steamboat and more

Yummy factor: What a treat it must have been for the cast of Ah Boys To Men when they visited Ben Yeo's zi char stall Charcoal Fish Head Steamboat Restaurant. They feasted on everything from the stall’s namesake dish (the best Charlie has tried thus far) to zi char favourites like spicy stir-fried squid, XO yam ring, shrimp omelette and sweet and sour pork.

Ann Kok

What she ate: Omakase creations ay Kei Hachi

Yummy factor: While there were impressive eats like sashimi served in a cocktail glass and uni topped with gold flakes, Ann found herself enjoying the simplest dish of all —  Japanese rice with a generous sprinkling of garlic and seasoning. Well, she surely loves her carbs, even quipping that she’s a fan tong (Mandarin for ‘rice bucket’).

Joakim Gomez and Sonia Chew

What they ate: Indian food

Yummy factor: The 987 DJs brought their guests — American Tiktok stars Miki Rai and Kevin — to Samy’s Curry for a spicy lunch comprising the restaurant’s signature fish head curry, tandoori chicken, crispy papadum, and more. Plus, with that generous amount of rice to go with their dishes, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they had a food coma after.

Huang Biren and Thomas Ong

What they ate: Seafood steamboat

Yummy factor: Are those expressions of disdain for each other? Well, there’s nothing like a steaming hot meal — complete with fried yam chunks, handmade fishballs, tau kee and more — at Teochew Traditional Seafood Steamboat to turn Thomas and Biren’s mock frowns into smiles.

Yvonne Lim, Aileen Tan and Zoe Tay

What they ate: Italian food

Yummy factor: Always up for a scrumptious meal with her pals, Zoe took the chance to celebrate both Yvonne and Aileen’s birthdays — Sep 28 and Oct 18 respectively — over comfort Italian nosh like pizza and pasta. 

Lina Ng

What she ate: Hawker fare

Yummy factor: Date nights don't always have to be fancy. Lina and her husband indulged in their favourite hawker fare at Chomp Chomp Food Centre, where they had grilled chicken wings, fried Hokkien mee, char kway teow, Lina’s favourite cockles, and of course, refreshing sugarcane juice.

Irene Ang

What she ate: Homemade bread

Yummy factor: Although it’s been more than a month since Irene’s birthday (Sep 10), she’s still receiving plenty of love. This time, however, she requested for her friend’s freshly-baked bread instead of fancy cakes. Filled with camembert cheese and topped with crunchy walnuts, we can see why Irene’s a fan.

Kym Ng

What she ate: Nasi padang

Yummy factor: From creamy curries to rich rendang and appetite-whetting seafood dishes, the host of Mediacorp variety show Old Taste Detective may have tried just about every dish available for Indonesian-style nasi padang at old-school restaurants like Rumah Makan Minang and Rendezvous Restaurant Hock Lock Kee. We can only imagine how delightful the spice-filled gravies were with steamed rice. Catch the first episode of Old Taste Detective 3 below:

Jacelyn Tay

What she ate: Brunch

Yummy factor: Jacelyn and her 11-year-old son Xavier enjoyed a mother-and-son date over the weekend at their fave brunch spot, P.S. Cafe. Instead of his favourite bunwich, the little man went for burger with fries while Jacelyn had a wholesome pesto penne with garden vegetables. 

Pan Lingling, Chen Xiuhuan and Huang Shinan

What they ate: Tuscan cuisine

Yummy factor: Lingling and husband Shinan celebrated Xiuhuan’s birthday (Oct 10) at Italian steakhouse Gemma, where they tucked into Hokkaido scallops sweetened with heirloom tomatoes, grilled corvina fish, tender Australian striploin cuts and a variety of desserts. Fun fact: Did you know that Xiuhuan and Shinan have been friends since their teens?

Jade Seah

What she ate: Dak galbi

Yummy factor: While in Seoul, Jade got to try dak galbi (Korean spicy chicken stir fry) for the first time, complete with shredded cheese for extra oomph. And being the carb lover that she is, of course she had to enjoy the fiery dish with plenty of ramyeon and rice on the side. What better way to soak up the flavourful gravy, right?

Jean Danker

What she ate: Afternoon tea

Yummy factor: Jean spent a leisurely Sunday afternoon nibbling on Skai’s afternoon tea offerings — think tiers of delectable sweets, macarons, tarts and scones. And perhaps because she needed a caffeine boost, Jean went for French press coffee instead of brewed tea.


What he ate: Post-flight grub

Yummy factor: Pornsak’s first order of business upon arriving in Sapporo was to treat himself to an ice-cold beer and comforting bowl of Hokkaido-style miso ramen with chashu, bamboo shoots and a ramen egg. Looks delish!

Ferlyn Wong

What she ate: Curry rice

Yummy factor: Ferlyn finally got to satisfy her craving for the unassuming hearty plate of goodness — piled high with long beans, tofu and plenty of curry — from Beach Road Scissors-Cut Curry Rice, and boy did it look like a messy but shiok affair.

You Yi

What she ate: Italian feast

Yummy factor: More is more for You Yi when it came to celebrating her 42nd birthday (Oct 11) at private dining restaurant Casa Pietrasanta. Menu highlights include parma ham aged for 18 months and paired with burrata cream, slow-cooked beef cheek and the green apple tart crumble with vanilla ice cream for dessert. Yum.

Eelyn Kok

What she ate: Celebratory dinner

Yummy factor: Eelyn was all smiles as she celebrated her 12th wedding anniversary earlier this week. For her "celebratory dinner  #1", she had Chinese classics like succulent lobster, roast chicken and nourishing hashima sweetened with red dates and wolfberries. We wonder how many more celebrations she's had since.

Michelle Wong

What she ate: Scallion oil noodles

Yummy factor: Michelle had a table-for-one meal at casual noodle eatery Hi Noodle, where she got to customise her own sauce from a wide variety of condiments to enjoy with her shrimp-laden scallion oil noodles. If you’re feeling peckish, Michelle recommends getting the mushrooms as a side dish — but do leave space for dessert, because each meal comes with a complimentary vanilla ice cream cone.



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