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Foodie Friday: Jeffrey Xu & Felicia Chin Go On A Kolo Mee-Eating Spree, Terence Cao Shares Curry Rice Haunt & More Celeb Food Picks This Week

All the photos that made us hungry this week.
Foodie Friday: Jeffrey Xu & Felicia Chin Go On A Kolo Mee-Eating Spree, Terence Cao Shares Curry Rice Haunt & More Celeb Food Picks This Week

From France to Singapore, the stars indulged in lots of hawker food this week. Jeffrey Xu and Felicia Chin went on a kolo mee-eating spree, Sharon Au had a taste of Chomp Chomp in Paris, Taufik Batisah hosted Rui En and Kit Chan at his fried chicken joint, and Terence Cao had curry rice with a twist. Find out where, plus more hawker food recommendations from the celebs.

Jeffrey Xu and Felicia Chin

What they ate: Lots of kolo mee

Yummy factor: Jeffrey may have just found his new favourite food. The newlyweds went to Kuching over the weekend and it was love at first bite when Jeffrey tried kolo mee after he touched down. No, seriously. According to Feli, they ate the noodle dish, which is served with minced pork and char siew, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper, even at the airport before their flight back to Singapore. And that’s on top of other Sarawak specialties like laksa and homecooked meals. No wonder Feli joked that they returned a few kilos heavier.

The Muttons

What they ate: Double Zhng Zinger

Yummy factor: Ask and it shall be given. A few days ago, Class 95 DJs Vernon A and Justin Ang suggested to KFC to zhng their Zhng Zinger — an epic fried spicy chicken burger with onion rings, fiery sauce, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, and pickles — by adding another chicken thigh patty “cos two is better than one”. Well, challenge accepted and the “Zhng Zhng Zinger” was born. The burger was so thick that Justin struggled to bite into it. His review? “Double is the best.”

Sharon Au

What she ate: Hawker food

Yummy factor: Sharon couldn’t go to Chomp Chomp, so her go-to café in Paris, The Hood, brought Chomp Chomp to her. Well, sort of. The café, which offers Southeast Asian cuisine, held a hawker-themed night and Sharon feasted on everything from Hokkien mee and Hainanese chicken rice to orh luak and otak otak, before ending the meal on a sweet note with sago gula melaka and durian crepe cake. Yum.

Chen Xiuhuan

What she ate: Ghoulish treats

Yummy factor: Xiuhuan loves cooking and entertaining, and for Halloween, she put together a ghoulish feast featuring bloodshot eyeballs (cuttlefish balls with olives), a  charcuterie board complete with braised intestines, spider deviled eggs, and, um, severed fingers for friends and family. In case you’re wondering, those are chicken franks with chilli nails. How creative.

Taufik Batisah, Rui En and Kit Chan

What they ate: Fried chicken

Yummy factor: Never mind that Taufik was gonna perform at the President’s Star Charity a few hours later, the singer indulged in lots of fried chicken when he met up with pals Rui En and Kit at his eatery Chix Hot Chicken. And not just any fried chicken, but fiery Nashville-style fried chicken cooked with “the world’s spiciest peppers”. We spy decadent eats like The Melt sandwich that’s fried, dusted and loaded with cheese, fried chicken burger with bacon and eggs, cheesy chicken tater tots, and more.

Watch the President’s Star Charity on meWATCH.

Li Nanxing

What he ate: Soy sauce crab

Yummy factor: Not only did Nanxing give a cooking demo of one of his signature dishes, soy sauce crab, during a recent work cruise, he rolled up his sleeves to whip up the dish for everyone for dinner. Looks delish.

Terence Cao

What he ate: Mala curry png at Kim’s Curry Hainan

Yummy factor: Check out this gorgeous mess. Terence looked like he couldn’t wait to dig into his plate of Hainanese curry rice, piled with ingredients like pork chop, cabbage, braised pork belly, and drenched in thick, spicy mala curry. With such a decadent meal, we wouldn’t be surprised if he was hit with a food coma after.

Jeremy Chan and Jesseca Liu

What they ate: Sushi

Yummy factor: Jesseca and Jeremy, who are holidaying in Florence, took a break from Italian food and had Japanese-Brazilian fusion cuisine at Temakinho restaurant. Yummy-looking sushi, California rolls, and empandas aside, we couldn’t help but be drawn to the Instagram-worthy interiors and how Jesseca matches the décor.


What he ate: Tonkotsu ramen at Tatsunoya

Yummy factor: Pornsak, who’s currently in Tokyo, heard about a “ramen that’s better than Ichiran’s”, so of course the foodie had to give it a try. Tonkotsu ramen specialist Tatsunoya is known for its rich yet light broth, that’s made by simmering pork bones for over 15 hours. Just how good was it? Pornsak’s eyes lit up after taking a sip, rating it a 10 and Ichiran a three. Now that's high praise.

Zhu Houren and Joel Choo

What they ate: Butter prawns

Yummy factor: Who knew Zhu Houren could cook so well? The veteran actor got creative in the kitchen and whipped up "his version of butter prawns" for the family. According to son Joel, it was Houren's first time cooking the dish and he was just “winging it along the way”. And it turned out pretty good. We can just imagine how good this saucy dish would taste with some fried mantou.

Rosalyn Lee

What she ate: Bak chor mee and zi char feast

Yummy factor: Rozz’s friend was in town so naturally the foodie took her to some of her fave food haunts. First, it was Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle for some Michelin-starred bak chor mee, then her go-to spot for crab beehoon, Long Ji, for dinner. Judging from the delicious mess, it was one shiok meal.

Khaw Xin Lin, Kimberly Chia, Chantalle Ng, and Tasha Low

What they ate: Afternoon tea

Yummy factor: The Live Your Dreams co-stars took time out of their busy schedules for a girly date at Sol & Luna where they enjoyed sweet and savoury delights like crab vol-au-vent (puff pastry), madeleines, Portuguese egg tarts, macarons, and more. Fancy.

Kimberly Wang

What she ate: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Yummy factor: Since popular sandwich joint Park Bench Deli no longer offers their peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Kimberly decided to recreate it herself. Brimming with peanut butter and berry jam, the sandwich was then coated in a cornflake crust and fried in copious amounts of butter. As artery-clogging as it sounds, Kim says it was “fkin gd”. Now excuse us while we make ourselves a PB&J.

Hazelle Teo and Zhong Kunhua

What they ate: Japanese eats and cupcakes

Yummy factor: It’s the first anniversary of Hazelle and Kunhua’s radio show and the YES 933 DJs commemorated the occasion with a mini party in the studio. Thanks to their fans and listeners, they were treated to cupcakes, Japanese eats from Donki like sushi, takoyaki, croquette, gyudon, and even a Hokkaido scallop sushi cake from Tora Tora Tora. The “log cake” looked so good that Evelyn Tan, who had just ended her shift, couldn’t resist helping herself to some.

Aileen Tan

What she ate: Her last birthday celebration for the year

Yummy factor: Never mind that it’s two weeks past her birthday (Oct 18), Aileen is still receiving plenty of love and treats. For her last celebration for the year at famed contemporary Chinese fine-diner Mott 32, she had her favourite Typhoon Shelter Crab aka fried mud crab with loads of garlic and spice, Barbecue Pluma Iberico Pork with Yellow Mountain Honey, Poached Garoupa Fillet with Szechuan Pepper Broth, Crispy Roasted Pork Belly, and more.

Noah Yap and Maxi Lim

What they ate: All-day breakfast Joji's Diner

Yummy factor: Breakfast was the meal of choice for Noah and Maxi at dinner at the American-style diner and what a filling one it was. It looks like they went for the All-Star Plate comprising of an all-star line-up of breakfast hits, such as bacon, scrambled eggs, sausage, portobello mushroom and a hashbrown, before washing it all down with a pint of Guinness and banana creampie for dessert.

Tyler Ten

What he ate: Hotpot  

Yummy factor: Tyler rewarded himself with a comforting hotpot dinner after his President’s Star Charity performance. While he admitted he over ordered, we bet tucking into loads of meat, fried fish skin and mantou after a gruelling bungee performance was super satisfying.



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