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Foodie Friday: What The Stars Ate This Week (Apr 22-29)

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

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Foodie Friday: What The Stars Ate This Week (Apr 22-29)

This week, Li Nanxing got first dibs on ramen chain Ippudo’s latest hawker collab, and Chen Xiuhuan and Finance Minister Lawrence Wong satisfied their cravings for hawker fare from Tiong Bahru Market. Meanwhile, topless chef Qi Yuwu turned up the heat while whipping up supper for Joanne Peh. Read on for more.

Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu

What they ate: Homemade supper

Yummy factor: While Joanne missed out on the Best Actress Award at last Sunday's Star Awards, she did go home to a heartwarming supper of instant noodles cooked in red snapper soup prepared by a, ahem, topless Qi Yuwu. And before you get distracted by his abs, check out the nourishing bird’s nest dessert they both got to indulge in thanks to celebrity hairstylist David Gan.

Chew Chor Meng

What he ate: Fried chicken burger

Yummy factor: Chor Meng chowed down on a solid burger stacked high with lettuce, tomatoes, fried shallots and the thickest fried chicken patty flavoured with homemade prawn paste at what looks like his eatery 888 Mookata bistro. The generous meat to bun ratio certainly looks on point.

JJ Lin

What he ate: Omakase

Yummy factor: JJ dined at the upscale Sushi Sakuta at the Capitol Kempinski, and was spotted enjoying a selection of omakase creations — hand rolls, sashimi with freshly-shaved black truffle, tender grilled fish, a luscious strawberry dessert and more.

Cassandra See 

What she ate: K-style chicken stew

Yummy factor: You can now try a lesser-known Korean dish — dak hanmari — at Cassandra’s bistro, Hungry Korean. She’s an absolute fan of the comforting chicken stew, especially when paired with the bistro’s housemade spicy sauce and tangy kimchi. If you love hotpot, this whole chicken dish will probably be up your alley.

Li Nanxing

What he ate: Collaborative dishes

Yummy factor: Nanxing, as well as celebs like Shane Pow, Brandon WongVivian Lai, Julie Tan and Constance Song, were in full attendance at Ippudo's Marina Bay Sands outlet, where they all got first dibs on the Japanese ramen chain's collab with local hawker brands like Da Dong Prawn Noodles, Jin Ji Teochew Braised Duck & Kway Chap, and Keng Eng Kee Seafood. Exclusive to the outlet, the Hawker Heritage Set features the Hae Ramen with Nanxing’s dried scallop hae bee hiam, as well as two sides — the Lor Ark bun (braised duck bun) and Kopi Chicken Karaage.

Yvonne Lim

What she ate: Cherry flower butter cookies

Yummy factor: With Covid-19 cases on the rise in Taipei, Yvonne and her daughter Alexa Tien have been staying at home creating gorgeous bakes like these butter cookies. Piped by hand and decorated with canned cherry bits, these buttery morsels looked so appetising that several of her followers had asked for the recipe when she first shared pics of them. If you're interested in baking some yourself, you can find the recipe on Yvonne's Instagram. We bet these cookies would be a hit, especially with Hari Raya just around the corner.

Lawrence Wong

What he ate: Bak chor mee

Yummy factor: As it turns out, Finance Minister Lawrence Wong is just like us. The jet-lagged minister made his way to Tiong Bahru Market bright and early yesterday (Apr 28) to satisfy his craving for a bowl of bak chor mee from what appears to be Kim Fa Fishball Minced Meat Noodle stall. It's an oldie but goodie.

Chen Xiuhuan

What she ate: Hawker delights

Yummy factor: As for Xiuhuan's choice of sin from Tiong Bahru Market? A hearty takeaway combination of chwee kueh with lots of chai po, fried carrot cake in both black and white versions, and glistening char kuay teow. We've got our eye on the black chai tow kway.

Zheng Geping, Hong Huifang, and Tay Ying

What they ate: Celebratory meal at Supply & Demand

Yummy factor: The Tay family met up with celeb pals like Chen Hanwei, Mei Xin, and former actress Chen Huihui to celebrate Geping’s ascension to the coveted All-Time Favourite Artiste ranks at last Sunday’s Star Awards. We spy dishes like scallops with kombu caviar, arancini, fresh oysters, and lots of desserts like coconut sorbet and tiramisu. And, of course, there was plenty of champagne to go around.

Rui En

What she ate: Aussie brunch

Yummy factor: Instead of getting the usual Aussie brunch fare like coffee and avocado on toast while holidaying in Melbourne, Rui En opted for a smoothie and an Asian-inspired menu item at Proud Mary Coffee — think creamy scrambled eggs flavoured with XO and black garlic dressing, and topped with crispy shrimps and fried bread sticks. We're so gonna try whipping this up this weekend.

Xiang Yun, Edmund Chen, Chen Xi, Chen Yixin, and Gavin Teo

What they ate: Celebratory meal

Yummy factor: It’s been a joyous week for the Chen family, who celebrated both Xiang Yun’s third Evergreen Artiste win at the Star Awards, as well as Yixin’s 22nd birthday (Apr 26) with a sumptuous meal at Jumbo Signatures. Highlights of their dinner include truffle prawn balls with foie gras, shredded lobster salad, seafood pumpkin soup, and scallops in miniature fried yam rings.

Jernelle Oh, Juin Teh, and Gini Chang

What they ate: Homemade seafood feast

Yummy factor: Instead of taking it easy and dining out, the Star Search 2019 finalists rose to the occasion and whipped up their own seafood feast. Gini proved to be the MVP of the night, cooking everything from fish head miso soup, cod fish, Nyonya prawns, and steamed fish. Oh, and for dessert, they had these fluffy buns filled with red bean paste from online retailer Mr Seafood Signature. Aren’t they pretty in pink?

Belinda Lee

What she ate: Shaved ice

Yummy factor: What better way to beat the heat in Hawaii than with an icy dessert? Belinda and her husband, David Moore, were probably really glad to share the rainbow-hued treat from popular shaved ice joint, Matsumoto Shave Ice. And while it reminds us of our local ice kachang, theirs came drizzled with fruit-flavoured syrups like coconut, lemon and pineapple.

Jean Danker

What she ate: Yi bua

Yummy factor: Made with glutinous rice flour and stuffed with shredded coconut and ginger, the traditional Hainanese kueh is a childhood favourite of Jean’s. And whenever her late mum’s death anniversary draws close, Jean would indulge in these goodies in remembrance of her.

Jade Seah and Jaime Teo

What they ate: Brunch

Yummy factor: The ladies made their long overdue catch-up happen with cups of joe at Little Rogue Coffee, a cafe in the east. And according to Jaime, the braised beef brisket burger she had with smoked slaw and melted cheddar cheese was “really good”.

Bonnie Loo

What she ate: Pizza

Yummy factor: With its blistered surface, crispy thin crust and melted cheese, Bonnie’s shiok slice of pizza (or two) was a well-deserved treat after all that hectic preparation for the Star Awards.

Joshua Tan

What he ate: Barbecued ribs

Yummy factor: Joshua and his fiancee Zoen Tay are as sweet as ever. The couple, who have been engaged for two years, recently celebrated their monthsary (yes, it’s still a thing) at The Avenue, a popular nightspot in Queensland, Australia. And check out those saucy ribs lying on a bed of beer-battered fries and topped with slaw — perfect with Joshua’s pint of ice-cold beer.

Sora Ma

What she ate: Malaysian nosh

Yummy factor: Sora couldn’t be happier to reunite with family back in Malaysia after being apart for 27 months. Of course, she had to make the most out of her trip back to Kedah by having her fill of hometown favourites like piping hot kway teow soup, nasi lemak and lor mee.

Nat Ho

What he ate: Korean fried chicken (KFC)

Yummy factor: Nat, who happens to be staying above a fried chicken joint in Seoul, can’t resist KFC, especially if it’s crispy, juicy and utterly delish. Oh, and when it’s coated with sauce and comes with fries too. He was so into it, he even served up some mouthwatering ASMR.

Vivian Lai, Lee Teng, and Quan Yifeng

What they ate: Italian dinner

Yummy factor: The trio’s dinner at Grissini at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel was a decadent affair with a touch of Japanese influence — spectacular creations include Hokkaido sea urchin paired with scallops and caviar, risotto with truffles and foie gras, spiny lobster bisque and more. Yum.

Denise Camillia Tan

What she ate: Reunion eats

Yummy factor: Denise is clearly elated to have her family in Singapore, and has wasted no time in bringing them around to eat — first to Shake Shack for juicy burgers and cheesy fries, and followed by peppery bak kut teh at Song Fa’s. Now we can’t wait to see where else their foodie adventure will bring them.

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