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Dennis Chew Says This Chicken Curry Sold At An HDB Block Tastes Like How Your Ah Ma Cooks It

The Love 972 DJ enjoys this dish so much, he eats it every week.
Dennis Chew Says This Chicken Curry Sold At An HDB Block Tastes Like How Your Ah Ma Cooks It

Dennis Chew may not be one of those celebs who spams his social media with food porn, but the 49-year-old, who co-owns a mookata chain with fellow actor Chew Chor Meng, knows good food and where to find it.   

In a recent episode of #JustSwipeLah, he took host Xixi Lim to his favourite food haunts. One of them is Curry Café, a no-frills self-service eatery under a nondescript HDB block in Sembawang. It used to be at Canberra Community Club before moving to its current premises in 2019.

According to the Love 972 radio deejay, Curry Café, run by an elderly couple in their 70s and their son Raymond Lim, has been around for 13 years.

When it first started in 2010, it only offered four types of curry and prata. Over the years, it has expanded its menu to over 40 items including burgers, rice dishes, and snacks like chwee kueh and fried chicken wings.

Like your ah ma’s cooking

Dennis says the eatery is a hidden gem. He was first introduced to the café by a friend last year and was hooked after trying their signature Grandpa Curry Chicken ($5.50) - his favourite food. Subsequently, he returned every day for the rest of that week to try their other offerings.

“The curry only comes with a chicken drumstick, two chunks of potato and rice, but I remember after eating it that day, I went home feeling very touched,” he says.

“It tastes very homely and comforting, like something your ah ma would cook for you. The rich, aromatic curry doesn’t pack a lot of heat, and the meat is very tender and juicy.”

Grandpa Curry Chicken, $5.50, add 70 cents for rice or noodles.

Dennis likes it so much, he has this curry every week.

“The lady boss says cooking curry is hard work and she wants to retire. She has to wake up early to prepare the food, you can feel her hardship running the eatery. And it’s not just her, her kids and grandkids also pitch in to run the place,” shares Dennis.

The elderly couple cook the curry, while the rest of the dishes are prepared by their staff.

Second-gen owner Raymond tells that the curry is cooked from scratch with a homemade rempah consisting of around 10 spices. To ensure that it’s fresh, they cook it in small batches three or four times a day. They can sell up to 180 bowls of curry chicken on weekends.

The café also offers three other types of curry: mutton, potato, and vegetable, which is their version of the sayur lodeh.

Dennis is a fan of their onion omelette rice too

Another frequently ordered dish is the onion omelette rice ($4.40), which is basically an egg foo yong-style omelette draped over steamed rice. There’s no meat in the omelette, though. You can have it sans onion for $3.80.

“It looks simple, but it’s anything but. The omelette is moist and packed with flavour and fillings. I love the texture the crunchy onions give the egg,” gushes Dennis.

“I have tried almost everything on this menu and these two dishes are my favourite. Recently I have been coming back more frequently ‘cos the auntie told me she has sold the business, and I am worried I will not be able to taste the same flavours again.” understands that they have sold the business to a relative whom they will train to take over from July. Their staff will remain in the business.

Dennis also recommends trying their fried seafood rings, which is “like onion rings but made with fish and prawn paste”.

He adds that the affordable prices are a major plus and the café doesn’t charge GST or service charge, and offers free wifi too.

The details

Curry Café is at #01-13 482 Admiralty Link, S750482. Open Tue – Fri, 9am-2.30pm; 4.30pm – 9pm. Sat & Sun 8am - 8pm. Tel: 8688 3369. More info via website and Facebook

Watch #JustSwipeLah for more on Dennis Chew's favourite food haunts:

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