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Celeb Recipe: Jesseca Liu & Jeremy Chan's Comforting Kimchi Omurice

The popular Japanese dish gets a Korean twist.

Celeb Recipe: Jesseca Liu & Jeremy Chan's Comforting Kimchi Omurice

If you follow actors Jeremy Chan and Jesseca Liu on Instagram, you’d know that the couple love to cook. During the Circuit Breaker, the pair, who sometimes call themselves #MrAndMrsChefJ, took the opportunity to explore new recipes, and would regularly share therapeutic cooking videos from their kitchen. While they aren’t so much complete recipes but just a display of how a dish comes together, the soothing videos, which have a dreamy and calming feel to them, are beautifully shot and edited. We found ourselves looking forward to them every week, not just for inspiration, but also as a way to relax.

Alas, with the end of CB and the dine-in ban lifted, the avid home cooks have stopped posting their culinary exploits online. Perhaps it’s because they’ve been eating out more often, or maybe they needed to go on a diet after all the CB feasting — Jesseca tells she put on 6kg in quarantine weight, though we can’t tell from this pic of her svelte bod. But after some prodding, they agreed to share one more recipe with us: kimchi omurice.

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